Vegan Cuts: The Be Cruelty Free April Box Special Edition Review

Vegan Cuts be cruelty free box

My lovelies, I’ve been away for these past couple weeks focusing on some big changes in my life. It is taking me some time to get my head around what has been happening. While I’m healing, I want to thank you for being so patient and continuing to visit each week. I love my LPN readers. You guys brighten up my day. <3 On with the show! I’ve received a lot of “beauty boxes” in my day – and I {Read More}

Eco-Conscious Apps: A Feature + Giveaway from Orange Harp & Juniper Ridge

LPN Giveaway with Orange Harp & Juniper Ridge

Like most, I probably spend too much time on my mobile device. That being said, a lot of that time is being spent connecting with you lovelies over Instagram, Twitter & the likes, some of that time is being channeled for “conscious consumption”. When I say consumption, I don’t just mean great recipe apps (two of my favourites you should check out are 30 Raw by EarthSprout and DeliciouslyElla), but also for shopping consciously. Conscious Consumption Something that resonates with Living Pretty {Read More}

Guilt-Free Chocolate on Saturday Morning: Chocolate is a Salad Smoothie Recipe

chocolate is a salad smoothie by LPN

I posted the below picture on Instagram yesterday, and I have to say today’s smoothie recipe kind of brings the truth out of it :) I was craving something a little sweeter this morning, so I put these fun ingredients in a blender and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised. It’s a quick and easy recipe too, so hope you enjoy! Ingredients: 1 Frozen banana 1 heaping TBS of chia seeds (mega omegas!) Handful of kale (about 1 {Read More}

Ananda Soul Creations: Beautiful Yoga-Inspired Jewellery for the Boho Babe + GIVEAWAY!

ananda & LPN contest

Beauties! I am over the moon that I am able to share with you this inspirational brand of jewellery, Ananda Soul Creations. Based in Bali, the designer and founder Christina sits down with LPN to give us some details on her beautiful brand, and her lovely self. But beyond that, she has generously partnered with LPN for a fabulous GIVEAWAY. Continue reading to get the details on how you can be the lovely sporting the love-blessed earrings below <3 Why is LPN blogging {Read More}

Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation Review: LPN’s Thoughts

kjaer weis foundation living pretty naturally

Ok, ok, so this review makes me a little late to the party. Scoring rave reviews from every corner of the internet, Kjaer Weis’ Cream Foundation is certainly leading the pack in “must-have” makeup. I got my hands on this a few months ago (from one of my fave natural beauty boutiques: Eco Diva Beauty), but as a true environmentalist – and because I love anticipation – I waited to finish up some other products before I dove into what would {Read More}

Rainy Day Recipe – LPN’s Vegan Coconut Red Lentil Curry Soup

LPN's Coconut Curry Red Lentil Soup

After an absolutely insane week, I needed some downtime this weekend. The sleet outside called for some soul warming soup and so I set to the kitchen to see what I could throw together… without having to go to the grocery store. The concoction that was the result was blog-worthy. So, if you’re having a cozy evening at home on this Sunday, why not mix up some of these ingredients (and throw in a few of your own) and experience {Read More}

Happy Birthday to LPN – RMS Beauty Giveaway with Embody Boutique

LPN Giveaway

EDIT – CONTEST NOW CLOSED: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNER, DEBBY CHEN!   It’s a big day over here at LPN. We just turned TWO YEARS OLD!!  To show our appreciation for all the beautiful LPN’ers that have been paying us a visit over these years, I teamed up with the wonderful folks at Embody Boutique for an RMS Beauty Giveaway! Embody Boutique has no shortage of my favourite brands, so, after you enter the contest, hop on over to their shop. In {Read More}

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Brew Kombucha – Kombucha for Beauty

how to brew kombucha step by step

The “Champagne of Life” (also known as Kombucha) is a probiotic-rich fermented tea that has been around for centuries. This easy to brew beauty elixir is something the wellness community around the world has be doing for years – and many companies are making buckets of cash marketing their fruity versions of this health elixir. Well wouldn’t you know it, it’s actually extremely cheap, easy – and dare I say fun – to brew your own at home. Drink up {Read More}

Gluten-free, Sugar-free & Vegan Apple Crisp Recipe + Sunday Face Mask Love with One Love Organics & Themis

vegan free gluten free sugar free apple crisp

Last Sunday I posted a picture on my Instagram & Facebook account of some apple crisp I made. It was gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan and downright delicious.  I guess I made enough mouths water – rightfully so, look at that picture :) –  as I had a few requests for the recipe. Well, I thought this Sunday would be a good opportunity to pass it on, so you can cozy up with a bowl yourself this evening. The perfect February desert. It’s super easy, quick, {Read More}

Vegan Cuts January Beauty Box

vegan cuts beauty box review

Today’s review is a little different, since it’s not on any product in particular, but rather a continuation on a blog I posted around the holidays. I highlighted some gift ideas for the natural-lover in your life, and the first idea I mentioned was the gift of a natural subscription box. One of the boxes I mentioned was Vegan Cuts. What I love about subscription boxes is that it allows you to find new brands, try new products and experiment {Read More}

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Wooden Brush: LPN’s Fave Hair Brushes and Comb

best natural brushes

For the better part of a year, I have been working on a hair post. I have tried everything I could get my hands on.. and I’m still in the process. But before I start digging into all that is good and great in the natural haircare product world, I thought I’d share with you a quick, but useful post on my hair care tools: the wooden masterpieces that keep my hair healthy and strong. Today I’m sharing with you {Read More}

Spot Treatment, Naturally – Get rid of Acne with Natural & Effective Products


Over the holidays my skin went absolutely bonkers. I’m used to having fairly clear skin with the occasional spot, but for some reason – holiday treats? less sleep? more wine? long plane rides? hormones? – my skin decided to go on a spotty rampage. I decided that instead of dwelling over it, I would use this opportunity to explore some natural acne fighting products that I had been waiting to try. I have a problem with a lot of acne {Read More}

Natural Hair Removal & Silky Skin: BodyHonee, Matarrania & C&Co Naturals Reviews

bodyhonee & matarrania review

During the winter, I find it a little easier to let my leg hair get long enough for a wax. The problem with removing hair with the drugstore products (and even spa products, for that matter) is that they often contain toxic ingredients. Everything from chemicals that literally dissolve your hair, to the chemicals in that foamy shaving cream. And waxing, well wax often contains mineral oil, parabens, artificial fragrance compounds, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHT) and artificial colours. Needless to say, {Read More}

Breakfast that makes your skin glow? Get the Earthsprout App!!

earthsprout 30 raw breakfasts

If this is the first you’ve heard of Earthsprout, you can thank me later. ;-) Earthsprout is one of my “religious” blogs. “Religious”, meaning I go to it on the weekly for raw food inspiration, eats and treats. Earthsprout is the brainchild of Sweden-based organic farmer, raw food / health coach and green gourmet chef, Elenore Bendel Zahn.  While never having met her, I can tell through her words she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on {Read More}

Cleanse like a Queen with May Lindstrom: The Clean Dirt & The Honey Mud Review

may lindstrom skincare review

Today my post is for the natural beauties that live for luxury. It is for those that love the packaging, the efficacy and the rituals of products from the “Crème de la Mer’s” of the beauty world, but would like to do without the chemicals. When it comes to luxury and efficacy in skincare these days, no one seems to do it better than May Lindstrom. May and her products are recreating the way us women think about skincare. Why {Read More}