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Dubrovnik, Croatia – Best Vegetarian Restaurant & Recipes

When I travel, one of the first things I tend to do is source out the local vegetarian/raw/veagan restaurants or the local organic store (the latter may have a lot to do with the prices of organic products in Norway, but nevertheless, may prove to be helpful to some world wanderer like me — for those curious Bio & Bio is the only organic store in Dubrovnik and is found here). Last week I had an awesome time with my {Read More}

Tampons and Your Health

Today’s post is a little off the “regular path”… i.e. these won’t make your eye lashes longer; however, they may help you live longer. Ladies, do not think for a second that this blog is about avoiding tampons – trust me, it isn’t – it is to advise you that not all tampons are created equal. When I first switched to organic cotton tampons, I did for the fact that it was better for the environment. Cotton agriculture is hugely {Read More}

A Season of Tea – The Best of the Best Herbal Teas

Summer has finally come to an end for me. My last vacation has be taken… just in time for autumn. Without a doubt, fall is my favourite season – the root vegetables, the leaves, cute boots and of course, tea! Loads and loads of tea! Those who know me are familiar with myΒ fondness of tea – that is, herbal tea. A herbal tea (also known as a tisane) is a herbal infusion made with anything other than the leaves from {Read More}