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The Best {Natural} Facial Oils of 2013: LPN’s Picks

After much anticipation (and just in time for a crisp and chilly winter), it’s here… Living Pretty, Naturally’s official 2013 Best in Facial Oils Feature. It took months upon months of researching and testing, but I’ve nailed it down to the Top 7 Facial oils for daily use. Take the guessing out of your next online shop and get the details on these high quality anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-redness, anti-blemish, antioxidant miracle oils.  In my (humble) opinion, these beauties are the {Read More}

Facial Oils 101 – Facial Oil Feature Precursor

I have been working for months for two posts; one of which is the best in facial oils. This feature, coming at you soon, is taking place after months of trying every facial oil I could get my hands on from around the world. In a short while you will be seeing LPN’s Guide to Best Facial Oils of 2013. But, before I get there, I wanted to partner up with Jennifer from a dermatological practice in San Francisco, to {Read More}

Natural in Norway: The Best Natural Beauty & Wellness Spots around Oslo

My readers come from far and wide, but not everyone knows that while I am a Canadian, I blog from Norway. So, I thought it was about time that I spent a moment or two answering some emails from Norwegian LPN’ers through a blog post. The most common question I receive from my Norwegian based beauties is “where do I find ____”.  So, today I’ll answer this question through this Natural in Norway feature. This post will give you lovelies {Read More}

Coconut Oil – Your Best Natural Beauty Friend

Oh you’ve heard about it time and time again, but there is nothing like a little refresher now and again, right? This post was inspired for three reasons: I thought my last post on coconut oil for beauty could use some updating There is a new e-book on Coconut Oil for Beginners (it focuses on coconut oil’s variety of uses for health, weight loss, beauty, and recipes) I had a wonderful guest post submission from the lovelies over at Lucy Bee Extra {Read More}

An Introduction to Clean Care & Their First Official Member MarieNatie All Natural Cosmetics

There has been a bit of hiatus in the blogosphere as of late, and I apologize for it. Life gets crazy sometimes, and so I have been trying to keep up with my Instagram / Facebook and Twitter Accounts as best I could through the past few weeks. That being said, I am back and have loads to share. The first on the docket is an introduction to an amazing initiative coming out of my home country, Canada. It’s fronted {Read More}