Why Beer Is the Next Must-Have Non-Toxic Haircare Ingredient

Following up on LPN’s castor oil haircare post last week, I thought I’d continue on this trend of unorthodox natural haircare. This time with the focus on the men. I’ve often hit a roadblock with garnering interest of a more non-toxic lifestyle when it comes to the nearest and dearest men in my life: my dad and brother (and had my boyfriend not lived with me, probably him as well – haha). I finally peaked some interest from them when I told them that beer could be used in their self-care routines, albeit not in the form of a beverage. But rather, in beer haircare.

Before having them try out the craft beer-based shampoo and conditioner duo, it was time to learn a bit more about why beer and why in your hair?

Beer Haircare: Why?

Bröö is the mastermind behind bringing Craft Beer to your haircare routine. With all products made in the USA, and all-natural (they’re free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, polyquaterniums, phenoxyethanol and propylene glycol), I wanted to know more. 

Bröö’s formula is based on its main ingredient: all-malt, freshly-hopped craft beer. For ages (we’re talking since the Middle Ages), people have rinsed their hair with beer. As it turns out, the malted barley in beer is brimming with B vitamins, proteins, and minerals – good for shiny and strong hair. In the brewing process, malted barley releases B vitamins and proteins that nourish and condition hair, while hops flowers express their anti-oxidant rich essential oils and toning/astringent properties which work to fight off “hair pollution.”

Beer also contains natural silicon (not synthetic silicone), the building block for healthy skin and hair. Through the magic of the brewing process, thousands of natural chemical reactions occur. The barley, hops, yeast and water are turned into a beverage that’s packed with B vitamins, proteins and minerals.

And the burning question: will you smell like beer?

The answer: nope. Their natural unisex beer haircare scent is wonderfully light, non-invasive and natural.

Bröö beer haircare is super affordable (just under $6 USD per bottle!) and the products are sold at Walmart stores nationwide and online at

The products come in Invigorating, Thickening and Moisturizing, so there is something for all hair types. All products are color-safe and not tested on animals (of course).

Happy buzzing!




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