The Best Indie and Boutique Green Beauty Brands You Need to Know in 2018

I’ve been writing on green beauty, clean beauty and non-toxic beauty for the better part of 7 years and during that time I have tried and tested countless products. Everything from the big brands to the little guys, and local farmer’s market buys. On LPN, I’ve always tried to always share smaller brands in addition to more established brands, as many deserve the limelight because of their sourcing, efficacy and/or their formulations. Today’s post is on boutique green beauty brands that you might like to know. 

That being said, the clean and green beauty movement is expanding at an exponential rate these days, so writing posts featuring just one product seems to do injustice to all the other wonderful brands that are doing their thing, and doing it well. 

Today’s post is digging into several boutique clean and green beauty brands featuring their star product(s) (at least in my humble opinion). 

La Tierra Sagrada – Treatment Hair Ritual

I received this gem of a hair treatment from La Tierra Sagrada while on a retreat with Mama Medicine this past May. It is an incredibly healing blend for the hair – especially for those dry and damaged locks (and it’s even good for helping promote hair growth!) – a new favourite when it comes to hair and green beauty brands. Ingredients are usually key when I fall in love (coconut oil, babassu oil, meadowfoam seed oil — aka youth dew) but also the intoxicating and healing scent of the essential oils of Rosemary (which I use in my own Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse for clarifying and shine), Palo Santo Oil (the holy wood pictured here that is all about protection and blessing), and even Ayahuasca Vine Sacred Plant Essence which helps to strengthen and protect the hair, while it’s vibration helps to calm the nervous system.

Wild Grace Apothecary – Irish Moss + Violet Breast Oil & Lucent Skin Repair Serum

Another ritual-focused brand (I love when a brand infuses their products with ritual based suggestions for application and usage), Wild Grace Apothecary was created by an alchemist and herbalist based in the Pacific Northwest. I picked two products from her line since they were so different, and also because I’ve never talked about breast oil before. Her breast oil uses demulcents including Irish Moss and Violet to help dissolving hard tissue and growths, like cysts. Massaging your breasts no only supports healthy breast tissue and stimulates lymphatic cleansing, but also allows you to become more familiar with your breast and your breast health. 

The Skin Repair Serum is great for sensitive, damaged and dry skin as it includes beautiful healing oils (including Tamanu, Argan, Jojoba, Black Seed, Camelina, Sunflower, and Meadowfoam), that are infused with herbal extracts, including Douglas Fir, Calendula, Marshmallow root, Chamomile, and Mugwort. Hello healing!

Chelsey Wang Restoring Facial Cleanser

Chelsey Wang Skincare is another brand hailing from the PNW. I am featuring her Restoring Facial Cleanser because I get so many emails asking about a foaming cleanser that does not dry out the skin (I am notorious for saying “stay away from the foam”). That being said, I can honestly say from testing experience this cleanser will not dry your skin out like the traditional sudsy cleansers, and gives you those suds in a big way. It’s the best of both worlds for those who can’t live without a little foamy action – I got you.  The brand uses a combination of rose hydrosol with organic castile (derived from sunflower oil) to create some suds and organic vegetable glycerin to help keep things moist in the mean time. 

Lykke by Julie Kyss Lip Balm

This is an epic natural lip balm, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s shiny, it’s dewy, it’s sticky (but no so sticky your hair is all up on it). Lykke by Julie hails from Norway (that is how I found them) and they use amazing Norwegian-based ingredients like cloudberry seed oil, blackcurrant seed oil and of course tried and true shea butter, beeswax and avocado oil. It even gives you a sheen of a gloss, so you can wear it straight. It’s all  l o v e  right here. 

8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil


This solid oil by 8Faces is as it says – boundless – and a little goes as long way! I am a balm lover and this one is a new favourite. It’s packed with insanely beautiful ingredients like Amla Berry which promote healthy skin and has been shown to  reduce age spots and sun damage. The Tangerine oil has cytophylactic properties, which means it can stimulate the regeneration and growth of new cells and then there is one of my favourite oils, Sea Buckthorn which is used for repairing and conditioning damaged skin, nails and hair (that’s just to name a few). You just need to warm a little in your hands to create a beautiful oil for anywhere on your body – my area of choice is the face. 

Sanara Soothe Body Butter 

The last one on my list today is Sanara’s body butter, which is the most delicious smelling berry butter I’ve had my hands on in a while. It is a concentrated body cream infused with Argan oil (which naturally contains squalene), Perilla seed oil (rich in Omega 3s) and Acai berry (antioxidant protector) that I loved putting on post shower, and just letting it sink in while I did my makeup in a robe, before throwing on my clothes for the day.  The body butter is scented with natural berry aroma oils and they actually smell edible (it is worth nothing, this is not an essential oil, but rather natural aroma oils include the natural essence obtained only from plants and contain no pesticides, synthetics, animal sources or allergens). 

Hope you enjoy these clean beauty finds as much as I have!



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  • Jessica Parker

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