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These are the Best Natural Deodorants of 2018

LPN was one of the very first natural beauty resources online (I started it up back in 2010, some years before the green/nontoxic beauty boom) as a result, I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations with natural deodorants. Everything from the baking soda rash, to impossible yellow stains, to ineffective odor control and the product just plain not working. Thankfully the green beauty space has evolved a lot in the past 8 years – and I am so in love with many brands. Today I’m digging into an essential: the Best Natural Deodorants of 2018.

The Best Natural Deodorants of 2018: Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

This was the first natural deodorant that was pure, and really, really worked. I talked about it some years back and I’m still a big fan. What I love is that it works on the bacteria so there is no smell (even after the longest of days), and no stain on my shirt. It is all natural, powerful and comes in different essential oil-scented cremes.  The one tiny drawback is the application, using your fingers is not always ideal when you’re traveling.

Some people have a reaction to the level of baking soda in the original, so they kindly launched a baking-soda free version of this cult favourite, that instead uses charcoal and clay (bacteria killers and absorbers). For transparency, I haven’t tested that product, but you can find it here. *Sidenote, one of my tips for using baking soda deodorants is to shave in the evening so that application is not on freshly shaven skin or, if necessary to shave, you can use apple cider vinegar mixed with a bit of warm water and a washcloth before application to prevent reactions. 

Find the original Soapwalla magic here. 

The Best Natural Deodorants of 2018: AER by Vapour Organic Beauty

What I love about this product – yes, effective, yes, smells great, yes, no stains, but also that it brings back a little nostalgia for me: my love of gel deodorants when I was young. I remember when I was “old enough” to start using deodorant and I was so proud to buy my gel deodorant from the pharmacy (weird, maybe, but nostalgic none the less). It twists up beautifully, with the added benefit that it isn’t cold. 

AER deodorant is amazing as it’s gel form turns into powder on the skin, while still effectively combatting bacteria. It is baking soda-based, so sensitive skin beauties be mindful – I’ve never had irritation with AER’s, but have had with other brands. 

The Best Natural Deodorants of 2018: Holi (Rose) No. 4 Deodorant from Agent Nateur

When it comes to luxury and deodorant, this is my favourite. Agent Nateur’s No. 4 with includes rose and sandalwood, which make for a beautiful blend that I am more than happy to apply to my underarms. What’s special is Sandalwood is a natural pheromone making it a natural deodorizer. Baking soda is again the key ingredient for deodorizing, but also castor oil, while it smoothes and conditions, is also antibacterial. 

My last two deodorant purchases were this one, and I will shop Agent Nateur’s No.4  again. Find it here. 

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  • It’s really good to know about your favourite natural deodorants, haven’t tried any from your list but I definitely want to try some of them in the near future, thanks for sharing!

  • I’m super excited that Soapwalla have launched a baking soda free option (I haven’t tried it yet!) because I react badly to the baking soda in most natural deodorants. I’m almost finished with mine at the moment, so fingers crossed I can pick up that option! x

  • Li Wen Rui

    I recognized that one of the companies started their brand name with Mia Mac and they really took off!

  • Renee’s of Sharyland

    I love perfumes and deos! I haven’t tried any of these, but I’m really excited to try all of them. Thank you Kate for sharing the list!

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