Natural Eye Makeup Remover – SANTE Naturkosmetik Eye Makeup Remover Review

For a girl who wears a lot of mascara, a good eye makeup remover is worth its weight in gold. Rubbing your eyes trying to get off that last bit of mascara and eye liner that your cleanser left behind does anything but lessen the appearance of fine lines. It is for this reason that every beauty that paints her peepers should keep an effective – and gentle – eye makeup remover in her beauty arsenal.

My favourite is SANTE Naturkosmetik‘s Eye Makeup Remover. Not only is it effective – 3 gentle swipes and your done (yup, even waterproof) – but it is also gentle enough for any skin type. Its organic almond oil base, cooling organic aloe vera and organic pomegranate extract combine together to make taking off the day’s makeup a breeze. Not only is this product easy to use, natural and for the  most part, organic, it is also great for those beauties on a budget. SANTE Naturkosmetik pride themselves on wholly plant based products, vegan friendly ingredients and affordable prices – who said natural had to cost you your left arm? Beyond that, SANTE stands up against animal testing and also spearheads projects around the globe aiming to make the world a more beautiful place.

At less than $14 CAD for a 100 ml, this is must-have. No if and’s or buts – the best natural eye makeup remover.

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