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Natural Eyeshadow: Dr. Hauschka Stone Eyeshadow Palette Review

Creating a naturally pretty look has a lot to do with your skin, but also your eyes. Using colours that play up the eye colour instead of distract from it, is the best way to go. I have always found that for my fair skin, a nice grey or matte brown eyeshadow and a pale lip gloss works well for me. So, when I found this eye shadow pallet I fell a little bit in love.

Why Dr. Haushka?

Dr. Haushka is the long reining Queen..err…King, of natural cosmetics. Leave it to Germany to pull off another brilliant natural cosmetic/beauty products brand. Maybe I should think about relocating further South in the near future? Anyways…

The pallet that captured my heart was the Dr. Hauschka Stone Eyeshadow Palette which begins with a matte cream and leads into matte browny greys and ends on a stoney grey. It’s a perfect palette for day and night, allowing you to go for a more natural or a more dramatic look.

The eyeshadow is silky smooth and goes on beautifully; and considering that you are buying 4 separate eye shadows at $45 CAD, you are technically saving some money ;) Think of how much less cluttered your makeup bag will be without all those loose MAC eyeshadows that you wore once.

Where to Buy:

Dr. Haushka

Natural Food Retailers, Whole Foods

Saffron Rouge

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