Natural Lip Treatments – Madara Ecolips Regenerating Lip Balm Review

If you’re similar to me, you hate the feeling of naked lips…or even worse, the feeling of dry ones. I think I inherited a somewhat OCD compulsion from my beloved mom, who is the Queen of lip-care. As a result, I always have a chap-stick, lip gloss or other lip product on hand, no matter what I’m doing or where I’m going – including to bed. That being said, before catching my Z’s, I have to have something on my lips…and it is not Vaseline. Let me tell you why:

Why is Vaseline Dangerous?

Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly or mineral oil, has been refined from pure petrolatum (a by-product in the oil and gas industry). Why does this matter to your health and beauty? Well, refined petroleum is known to contain hydrocarbons, which have been linked to certain forms of cancer (including breast). Although there are no large-scale studies that link Vaseline itself directly to cancer, there are warnings that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are likely present in your jar of Vaseline or other petroleum-based cosmetic product. Be aware of what you are eating. Remember you end up ingesting most of what you put on your lips.

My advice is to err on the side of caution and use natural alternatives as much as possible – at least for your bed-time ritual. My new bedtime favorite is Madara Ecolips Regenerating Lip Balm. Firstly it helps with cell regeneration and it has a host of ingredients boasting anti-aging properties – including my favorite, rose hip. It is great for day where too, but I’m usually wearing color when I’m out and about.

How Much?

A 15 ml tube retails for about $14 USD and if you’re in the US, can be found at these boutiques. For my Canadian and other foreign beauties, check out the online shops that retail Madara products.

If you’re feeling really eager, as of April 24, Love Lula has Madara Eco Lips on sale. Click the link to order.

Madara 101:

Madara Cosmetics are made by many of the Baltic region plants and herbs – and are based out of Riga, Latvia. As expected, Madara does not test on animals and their packaging is good for the planet too. Their products are certified by EcoCert, making it a good all-round company in my books.

Pucker up, pretty!