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Today it’s all about hair. Hair, and my special offer to you so you can get your hands on my all-time favourite and the best natural shampoo and conditioner. <3

With quite long hair, I often get asked “what kind of shampoo/conditioner do you recommend.” I’ve even been asked just this last week by a random man while walking down the street, and while I don’t think he was necessarily curious about my shampoo choices, I did give him an honest answer: Calia.

*[for those of you who just want the goods now, without the reading, check out the site here, and use code LPNCalia for a free gift with purchase].

Truth be told, there are a lot of natural hair products on the market these days that may make you doubt how effective and good a natural shampoo and conditioner combo can be. I’ve tried enough over the years to see why people can get fed up and stick with their conventional “tried and true” products.

Well, I’m here to tell you that my “tried and true” has been faithfully by my side for a few years now, and no matter what I’ve tried over the years, I keep coming back to my one-and-only. I am not kidding when I say my one-and-only – check out my 2 gallon jugs in my shower below ;)

Beauties, meet Calia. Some of you may remember this beautiful brand from a past post – including my LPN Special Haircare post a few years back. You see, Calia has been on my radar (and in my shower) for quite some time, however, no matter how many products I go through and test, this is my all-time favourite.

Depending on your hair type, I can recommend some different products from their line; however, I have a favourite of mine (especially for long and hair on the dry side).  My go-to in the Calia line is their Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner, which is made with coconut oil and scented with Rosemary and Moroccan Cedarwood essential oils leaving your hair so fresh (and very unisex so can be used by partner as well).

Why Calia is the Best Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

The love for Calia goes beyond the natural ingredients (as all my faves do), what it comes down to is it really, really works. No matter the build up in my hair, I feel so clean after washing with my purifying shampoo and no matter how dry, my hair feels so nourished and soft after a good condition with the purifying conditioner. Smooth, and light hair. Further still, I can go a couple days in between washes super easily.

Calia Naturals Haircare Ingredients

What’s in it, is purity. I’m talking natural shampoo that has the ingredients of: coconut oil, pine extract, alfalfa extract, chamomile flower extract, Echinacea extract, nettle leaf extract, clover flower extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Horse Tail extract, olive fruit oil, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Spanish Rosemary Oil, Cedarwood Atlas Oil. That’s it in their shampoo. Seriously, that’s it, that’s all and it works amazingly.

Where to Buy

With so many beautiful readers coming from all over the world, I have a few options for you to by the best natural shampoo and conditioner (yes, European beauties, I have a link for you, too!)

In the US and Canada, head over to use code LPNCalia and get a free gift with purchase.
You can test our the smaller bottles for only $14.99, or go big with their gallon jugs for $105 each, to last a little (or a lot) longer — a great option for my fellow long-haired gals.

For my readers in Europe, you often send me notes that you’re looking for products you can purchase on this side of Atlantic, well lucky for you Calia just got a beautiful European distributor in So Natural BeautySo Natural Beauty is offering a 10% discount to readers with code LPN10!

Happy Weekend, beautiful!



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  • megan

    I need a new shampoo that works! I just tried to purchase in the US with the coupon code but it says it does not match an active code.

  • alisha johnson

    I’m looking for natural shampoo and conditioner since long time that can work for my hair and today finally i found that product. thanks for sharing.
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  • fouzia parveen
  • Soraya Jung

    Hey Kate, love the blog! I’m a fellow Vancouverite living in Southern France.
    I’m currently testing out different natural shampoo/conditioner. I just finished a set from Innersense organics and really like them but the shipping from the US isn’t sustainable. So now I’m torn between Calia or Josh Rosebrook (because you raved about that too hehe). Did you notice a big difference between them? I have long hair, it’s relatively windy/dry here, and we have very hard water. I try not to wash my hair more then once a week. Leaning towards Calia’s purifying set…
    Would love your advice! Thanks

    • I love both – ingredients-wise they’re perfect. I use Calia on the daily because I can buy them in gallon jugs and with the long hair, it’s so good to have a lot of product that you don’t feel as though you’re running out all the time, and it also saves money in the long run. The purifying is great for 1 wash / week. That’s about how often I wash and it’s perfect. And they are retailing in Europe now too with So Natural Beauty. xx

      • Soraya Jung

        Awesome! Thanks for the quick response. I’ll give Calia a try and maybe splurge on Josh Rosebrook another time.

  • Soul Shine

    Glad I stumbles upon you! I’ve been loving the new all natural Raw line from Matrix…very cleansing, need to use the conditioner or else hair feels dry..not used to such clean hair! Xo

  • jules about her

    hey :) sind da Silikone Sulfate und parabene drin ?
    Ich finde da leider nichts, ich verzweifel auf der suche nach so einem Shampoo … ich habe eins von Sante aber die haben nur in wenigen Produkten nichts drin, ich will etwas was noch natürlicher ist.
    Wenn du hier einen Tipp hast freue ich mich sehr wenn du mir schreibst :) entweder hier oder auch per Mail oder auf Instagram :) LG Jules
    Jules_abouther Instagram :)

    • c_ralu

      Its all natural. The only products ive seen that are 100% natural. You should really try it.

  • Renee’s of Sharyland

    Hi Kate, Thanks for the lovely post! Next time whenever I go for hair service, I’m definitely gonna use Calia Shampoo and Conditioner. Keep posting!

  • Appsider

    So many great products for your hair.

  • c_ralu

    I totally agree. I just ran out of Calia shampoo and my hair is so dry now with regular shampoo. They are the best.

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