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  • Erin @ The Grass Skirt Blog

    I am pinning this for myself because I have yet to find a natural perfume that I love. :)
    The Grass Skirt

  • Allie

    Hey Guys,

    I think you might like Arbonne; The products are mostly made from plants and are not tested on animals. Check out my page:

    & Sign up as a Preferred client to receive 20% off any $150 purchase or more. Feel free to share!
    Great Holiday gift ideas too.


  • Oh thank you for this! Great post, I’ll be putting some of these on my wishlist for sure! Er, I mean, I’ll give them as gifts ;)

  • gurshs

    This is an interesting post. I am new to learning about natural products so I just have a few questions. How long does the scent last? Is it ok to spray these over clothes? I am worried about my clothes getting damaged. Are any of these certified by any organization to be organic/natural?

  • gurshs

    Hi – where else are these products sold? are any of these available to men? If so, how well do they work for men?

  • shaadi magic

    Wow, the way the article is written is quite impressive. I have read multiple posts on your site and all the posts are really helpful. Keep up the great work



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