How to Naturally Scent Your Home – The Dangers of Air Fresheners

Before I started this post, I made a promise to myself that I would not rant on for hours about the dangers of artificial air fresheners. I’m going to try  my best to honor that. ;)

Why Should I Avoid Febreeze, Body Shop & Glade?

When it comes to artificial air fresheners – the sprays, the plug ins, the Febreeze, the “scented oils” from The Body Shop – the list of dangerous ingredients are endless. From the aerosols (increased cancer risks) to the phalates (reproductive issues), formaldehyde (respiratory issues), fragrance chemicals, dichlorobenzene (skin lesions, liver damage) and silica, these products are causing you and your family more harm than good. The negative impacts can be seen and felt even more strongly when it comes to  children and pets. With all the toxic chemicals and pollution we are exposed to daily, it only makes sense that we try to minimize  what we’re inhaling in our own homes.

Diffusing Essential Oils

Now, with that out of the way, I want to chat a little bit about diffusing essential oils and other quick at home tricks for sweetening your abode. I’m a big fan of essential oils and have my diffuser going full bore whenever I’m home. I find it relaxing when your living room smells like a spa (or a forrest – it’s up to you).  To show you my dedication, I brought my favorite diffuser all the way from Canada and then actually paid for an EU plug to be put in it. The beauty of diffusers is that they help to eliminate toxins in the air as well as dust particles, all while making the room smell nice. It is a thing of beauty!

Best Economical Diffuser

My favorite budget diffuser is the Saje Aroma Genie which retails for around $49.00 CAD. It is very easy to maintain, provided you use only 100% essential oils and stay away from carrier blends (like the ones sold at the body shop or gift stores – they clog up the diffuser).  Having clearer and cleaner air in your home helps to ensure better skin, but in my eyes, the biggest benefit is that it helps you relax. Stress and anxiety are major beauty killers, so taking extra steps to create a calming environment is worth more than the effort.

Essential Oils: The Basics

I love blending oils to make my own combinations, but when you’re just starting out pick some simple and beauty benefiting scents like lavender (relaxing), eucalyptus (anti-viral, great for head colds), vanilla (for a sweet scent when you’re entertaining), frankincense (an all round beneficial essential oil) and my personal fave ylang ylang (great for stress reduction and smells pretty close to divine). You can also order pre-blended oils for certain ailments or scents you want to create.  I order my essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs , who produce organic therapeutic grade essential oils. In my eyes, they are the best and purest you can find.  Prices range greatly depending on how valuable the oil is, but to find some great starter essential oils you can also look at Saje as well as Escents Aromatherapy.

What if I Don’t Own a Diffuser Yet?

There are also a few quick and easy tricks you can do today to help sent your home naturally (without baking cookies). You can soak a cotton ball in vanilla and set it in an area you want to sweeten up, or dab some essential oils on a lamp’s light bulb. You can also stick cloves in an orange and put it in the oven at a low temperature. After, let it cool and either hide it within a room or hang it with a ribbon. Lemon peel down the drain and baking soda in the smelly spots are easy quick fixes too. Or, you could always just open your windows ;)

Enjoy your weekend natural beauties of the world!