Detox Retreat + Detox Green Smoothie Recipe!

One of the most important things you can do for your natural beauty is take time for yourself. 

This afternoon I am writing you with so much love and gratitude after experiencing a truly magical 5 days at a retreat in Sweden.  I have been completely nourished inside and out with amazing raw food, spiritual cleansing and beautiful people. Every cell in my being is feeling brand new and I am excited for what waits around the corner in this crazy journey of life.

Yes, it was that good…

Mariagården Gardens

Relaxing in the gardens at Mariagården

Relaxing in the gardens 

Mariagården Organic Gardens

Organic Gardens

The last five days I took part in a retreat at the beautiful old school that was turned into a retreat and detox center. Surrounded by the beautiful Swedish countryside, lakes and abundant wild flowers, it was hard not to immediately feel at ease and grounded upon arrival.

Mariagården main house

Main house

Pulling up to the drive way I immediately noticed the organic gardens, a greenhouse, beautiful hammocks hanging from the nearby trees and smiling faces. None of us knew what the next few days would do to our bodies and minds, but we were all excited… and maybe even a little bit nervous.

Nerves aside, nothing takes away the edge off before a detox than a space created for you with love. Everything in this space was done with love – the wild flowers are lovingly placed around the house in glass vases, candles abound and antique furniture that surely has a story.  

While this was a detox retreat, I can’t say I ever had the opportunity to feel hungry. The raw food chef and creator, Flavio Passos was a phenom in the kitchen. He created the most beautiful smoothies and salads from all raw and organic ingredients and each evening we were given a beautiful vegetarian soup made with garden herbs and organic veggies from around the area. He prepared everything with so much thought and care – and held for us a raw food preparation workshop so we could see how the magic happens. Even for the absolute beginner, Flavio brought out the fun and excitement in everyone.

Flavio Passos Raw Food Chef

Flavio Passos Raw Food Chef

Detox Green Smoothie Recipe from Flavio Passos

Detox Green Smoothie Recipe

Detox Green Smoothie Recipe

Flavio created for us a perfect breakfast detox smoothie each morning to keep us going until lunch. The measurements are not exact, as he was preparing for ~20 persons, so add and take away as you feel fit. Enjoy!

Raw Food Demo with Flavio Passos

Raw Food Demo with Flavio Passos

Ingredients for Detox Green Smoothie

  • 1 Apple (1 raw organic apple)
  • 1/2 cup of organic orange juice
  • 1/2 cup of coconut water
  • 1 cup water (or less if you prefer a thicker smoothie)
  • Hand full of organic parsley
  • Hand full of organic spinach
  • Splash of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tbs of ground Chia Seeds
  • 1  tsp of Spirulina
  • 1 tbs of Vegetable Protein powder (hemp, pea or rice)

Blend and enjoy a tall glass!

Morning Detox Tea

Morning Detox Tea

In the afternoons we usually had a session with a wellness specialist. On two occasions we were able to spend time with Heda Kortnes who is not only an organic farmer, she is also a wellness therapist, yoga teacher and course holder on numerous topics including making natural skincare! Further to that, she is also a master when it comes to foraging plants in the wild for food. We spent time walking the gardens and forest picking and eating wild plants and learning how to make simple and delicious recipes (like pesto out of nettles!), as well as medicinal properties of plants.

Heda from God Helhet teaches us to make pesto out of nettles

Heda from God Helhet teaches us to make pesto out of nettles

Foraging with the help of Heda and this brilliant book

Foraging with the help of Heda and this brilliant book

In the evenings we sat into some deep meditation sessions with the brilliant Marie Minagawa from Still Point in Oslo. She stripped us down to our core and was instrumental in the complete detox process. Helping us to remove the negative thought patterns are equally as important as removing the toxins from our bodies. With her guidance, we spent a lot of time in deep thought – including a full day of silence which is an incredible way to dig into oneself.

We also had nutrition lectures with Flavio each day. Here we learned some of the tricks to creating a balanced and complete raw food diet that is delicious.

Flavio Passos Raw Food Lecture

Flavio Passos Raw Food Lecture

Oh and did we eat – Flavio and his kitchen helpers created beautiful salads, smoothies and soups for us daily and no one went hungry, that is for sure. Foods were vegetarian, mostly raw and live (sprout heaven) and packed with superfoods.

Gabbing and munching in the kitchen

The perfect detox salad with saurkraut dressing and dehydrated seeds

The perfect detox salad with saurkraut dressing and dehydrated seeds


My loves, I hope you enjoyed my recount of this beautiful, blissful place. If you have the chance to get over to them, don’t miss out.

Love and light from Oslo beautiful souls,



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  • chickweedandblush

    This looks like my idea of heaven! :-)

  • Elaine

    wow wish i could be there : )

  • Guest

    Vinegar works wonders. Instead of apple vinegar though I use kombucha vinegar. Not as strong, I love the smell and it cleans just as well.

  • bohypnic.blogspot.co.uk

    Sounds amazing, I have heard so much about retreats like these and everyone always says how amazing, refreshed and detoxified they feel afterwards!

  • Hamza
  • dani

    Hey, this might sound like a bit of a silly question, but are the courses etc all held in English or will I have to test my Swedish skills if I go? :) x

  • Ish Bugs

    so awesome!!

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