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The Essentials of doTERRA Oils and Yoga – An Interview with Elena Brower

In the yoga world, there are those few teachers that truly inspire. New York-based Elena Brower is one of them.

When I first took her class a few years back while on a trip to NYC, I was in awe. Her demeanour was so grounded and at the same time her presence, etherial. Following her class, we spoke for a few moments in the elevator, but it wasn’t about yoga, it was about essential oils. She had been complimenting her yoga business with the essential oils business, doTERRA, and was building the dream life. I wanted to know more.

This month, Elena graciously offered up her time to do this interview, to give you beauties more insight into essential oils, their benefits and how to use them both in your daily practice and your yoga practice.

If you’d like more information on doTERRA and how to get the benefits, let’s connect in the comments below or check out my page on doTERRA.

LPN: How long have you been practicing yoga? And teaching? 

EB: Yoga practice since 1990. Teaching since 1998. 

LPN: How do you see yoga and essential oils blending together? 

EB: The Oils and the practices of yoga and meditation bring us to a similar place – an opening in the fabric of our being. A listening.  

LPN: How do you use oils in your personal yoga practice? What about your teaching?

EB: All day, applying topically, with a carrier oil, diffusing in my home, offering to students to experiment and explore. 

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LPN: What was your first experience with essential oils like? Do you remember your introduction? 

EB: Vividly. The first time i inhaled it I felt a sea change in my belly and my heart. 

LPN: What is your favourite oil and why?

EB: Changes daily. Lately, Siberian Fir. It grants me perspective, patience. 

LPN: How do essential oils impact other areas of your life ?

EB: The moment of pause to feel into the Oils, whether it’s topically, aromatically or even internally in some cases, have changed the way I care for myself.  My family now uses Oils before any over-the-counter drugs, so there is less toxicity in my home. 

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LPN: What are your top 3 essential oil natural remedies?

EB: For respiratory issues or colds, inhaling 2 drops Oregano and 2 drops of Breathe in a bowl of steaming water clears it all out. 

For headaches, Lavender Touch (roller-ball bottle) across my hairline. 

For sadness, Elevation in the Diffuser. Changes everything. 

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LPN: Do you have any favourite recipes that use essential oils? 

EB: I love putting a drop on On Guard into honey when i feel like i might be catching a cold. 

A drop of Basil into homemade tomato sauce for pasta – but just one drop. 

Cinnamon or Cardamom into my cacao green smoothies… 

LPN: Which essential oil would you most likely add to your skincare regimen and why?

EB: I use one drop of Geranium plus one drop of Frankincense in my Skin Oil / Gel every single day. They seem to resurface my skin.

LPN: Which essential oil is next on your wish list and why? 

EB: I have them all :) but I’ve run out of my Supplements and am re-ordering. The doTERRA LLV (Life Long Vitality supplements) are divine and make a big difference. 

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LPN: What is your favourite essential oil blend that you’ve created?

EB: I love my Lavender + Siberian Fir for bedtime, and I also blend Balance + Tangerine for all day happiness.

LPN: Which oil do you always have on you?

EB: Balance, Rose Touch, Neroli Touch, Jasmine Touch, Geranium, Frankincense and Lemon for my warm water while on the road. 

Sarah Willcox Photography

Sarah Willcox Photography

LPN: If I’m new to essential oils, which one would you recommend I try first?  

EB: Simplest is best. Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon. 

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LPN: What drew you to use doTERRA oils and products as opposed to other brands? 

EB: Their charities, and their commitment to integrity, quality and transparency. 

LPN: DoTERRA not only is a place to shop for essential oils and products, but it also provides a platform for anyone passionate enough to become an entrepreneur and sell themselves. Could you explain to someone who isn’t familiar with how it works, what must one know if they want to build a business by selling doTERRA oils and products? 

EB: Don’t you dare sell. SHARE what works for you. The Oils don’t need us to sell them.

doTERRA provides so much education – if you just spend a month going over every page and article and video on you’d be able to teach the world. 

BELIEVE in yourself, your team, your mentor(s). When you doubt, ask for help. We are all here for each other. 

[Working in an team] is how we educate, support and uplift one another. It’s magical how much more we can do together.

By Michael George

Want to learn more about doTERRA and how you can be a part of this team?

Check out this page for more information.

In the mean time, you may use this link to purchase your doTERRA Oils as a Wholesale Customer, receiving wholesale pricing (and the option to build a business in the future, if you wish).

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Can’t wait for you to join the revolution of natural healing and joy of essential oils!



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