Happy 4th Birthday LPN! WIN Full Access pass to Bali Spirit & Yoga Festival

Oh, you noticed?

Yes, things are looking a little different around here.

I’ve been toiling away for months on my weekends and late into the nights brushing things up and working with dear friends to help bring the next-gen of LPN to life.

I cannot believe it’s finally here. Oh my Goddess, it feels good to share it with you.

So what was the big news?

It is our fourth birthday, and it was time we put on our big girl pants (not that we didn’t like the swirly fonts and polka dots, they were just a little dated).

To celebrate exiting the toddler years, we’re doing a little bit to celebrate:

LPN Got a Face Lift


Yup, LPN got a complete facelift (natural, obvi) – a special thanks to my beautiful friend and designer, Manuela, who heads up Studio Maco (if you’re in need of some beautiful and clean design work, she’s your girl).

The flower on top represents a dandelion [naturally] while puff pieces fly away into the future. In the center you see an enso circle, an incomplete circle from Zen Buddhism that represents all things and nothingness – it is perfection in its own right – and it is also representative of the moon: divine, feminine and strong.


LPN is Expanding


It’s all about “Living Pretty Naturally” and while you’re going to continue to see natural/ organic skincare and cosmetics on these pages, you’ll continue to see more insights into my wider wellness interests including yoga, healthy foods and traveling naturally

Win an ALL ACCESS pass to the Bali Spirit & Yoga Festival

BaliSpirit_Festival_2014_The_Confluence - 11
And the BEST news? I’m partnering up with the Bali Spirit and Yoga Festival that is in Ubud March 29 – April 3rd and get this – I’m giving away – to one lucky winner – an ALL ACCESS pass to the Spirit & Yoga Festival WORTH OVER $900 USD [Follow LPN on Instagram to find out how to enter the contest]

Who is going to meet me there?!


Before I part from the LPN pages today, I want to say something to you, Dear LPN’er:


Thank you for being such a wonderful, loyal and engaged reader. I’m so, so, grateful to have my LPN fam, and could never have imagined that my little blog would turn into a little community of its own.

I can’t wait to watch where we grow together over the next four years!

With a grateful heart,



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