The App that Gets you in Nature: Hiking with Outtt

I’ve been on and off in Norway over the course of the last 6 years, and despite the fact I live near such beautiful nature, I do not get out into the woods enough. Part of that has to do with the fact I don’t really know where to go…

Here’s the thing, growing up in British Columbia (Canada), I spent my childhood and most of my early adult life hiking, camping, skiing, sailing and being in nature. When I moved to Norway, I of course felt I was going to be surrounded in nature given the proximity of Oslo’s city centre to the outdoors.

That being said, as a foreigner in Norway, you’re at a huge disadvantage when it comes to finding the best trails, excursions, sites and day trips since most of the “good stuff” is written in Norwegian. So needless to say when I encountered the app Outtt, I was off and running.


The Outtt App

Last week I hooked up with the awesome team from the Outtt app team to collaborate on this post, showing how easy it is to find the best day trips in and around Norway. When I downloaded Outtt, within minutes I had an incredible selection of places to go and nature to see within a few minutes drive/walk or tram ride. Check out this cool video we created (thanks to Jan Egil Jægersborg for the amazing footage and photos)

I ended up at a snowy lake called Songsvann, which is literally a 20 minutes subway ride from the city centre, or an equally as long drive. It is stunning nature literally at the core of the city. I spent the afternoon hiking around the lake with some new and old friends, enjoying the incredible early winter weather and spending some time in the snow and woods.

One of the things I loved about Outtt was the fact you could see trails and actually map your journey as you explored the outdoors. Following your hike, a summary let you know where you’d been and gave you the option to share your journey (even with photos!).  And if you’re offline way up in the mountains, you can download the maps to make sure you’re not MIA at the end of the day. My favourite part is the sharing, which allow you to find hidden trails and sights recommended by the app’s community.

Regardless of where you are in the world when reading this, one thing is for sure, Norway’s nature is incredible. Put it on your to “travel” list and get out to the fjords, the mountains, the lakes and the waterfalls. Just in Oslo alone, there are over 30 adventures and excursions you can find in the app. I can’t wait for next weekend to get out into nature again.

 Happy travels!





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