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Hello Beauties,

I like you – a lot. So, today it is a just a quick note to give you a $5 iHerb Coupon Code for any first time order at iHerb. Their prices for natural and organic products are unbeatable. Better yet, they currently have some great deals on their shipping – free in North America on most orders and free international airmail shipping provided you’re under a 4 lbs weight limit.

Find your favorite brands and products, including ones I’ve talked about on the blog such as: Coconut Oil, MegaFlora Probiotics, Weleda Salt Toothpaste and the beauty benefiting spice Tumeric (just to name a few). They have an enormous inventory, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

At the end of your order simply enter: MEP206 and claim your discount.

Happy Healthy Shopping!



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