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LPN Special: Why I Rode a Horse with Pluvinel

Sometimes, going back to your roots is exactly what you need to do, in order to find the magic. 

kate from living pretty naturally and horseGrowing up I was a rider. I spent days at the stable just because I wanted to be around these majestic, gentle giants. However, as I grew up, and life got more serious, and I moved away from riding and more into studies, work and less play. Despite this, my love for these animals never waned. I would find myself on the back of a horse for trail riding in the summer months over the past years – and every time I would be transported back to that magical feeling I had when I was young. 
kate from living pretty naturally and horse
Since being in Oslo, I’ve had the lucky opportunity of meeting a few wonderful horse owners (and now friends) in the city: Matilde with her beautiful (and insta-famous!) Friesian Batman and Christine with her handsome Rey. Reconnecting with their beautiful horses perked up my interest in riding again, but I was feeling extremely “out of practice” when I began to consider riding again.

kate from living pretty naturally and horse

Along my journey, I was introduced to this wonderful resource: PluvinelPluvinel is a platform for connecting riders with teachers – and its mission? To unite all instructors and riders worldwide (yup, even those who re-classify themselves as beginners).  On Pluvinel, I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful soul, Martine L’Orsa, an instructor in the Academic Art of Riding. 

Kate Murphy & Martine L'Orsa

Using Pluvinel, you can select different types of disciplines. I wanted to find a method that fit in with my belief system: awareness of the horse as a worthy being, a partner in life – not just an animal to be trained. I found Martine, who (along with nearly 40 others on the platform) teach the Academic Art of Riding. Watching Martine with Pascaul (the beautiful horse in these photos) was like watching a dance between two souls. In this style of riding, you connect with the horse, you do not simply “ride.”

kate from living pretty naturally and horse
At the moment there are hundreds of instructors registered on Pluvinel, from all over the world – so you can find a teacher – and horse in many places around the world. 

kate from living pretty naturally and horse

Oh, and for those of you that are riders, meet EquiRex, the sustainable equestrian clothing line that Martine and I are wearing the in photos. Their products are not just sustainable, but also made with the rider in mind (no weird seams, beautiful fit and temperature controlled).  The EquiRex alpaca sweater, for instance? Handmade by artisans in Bolivia from alpaca wool harvested on small-scale alpaca wool farms in the Andes. 

The official photos were taken by talented equestrian photographer, Anette Augestad from Hestefotograf.

Sending you love, light and a sign to reconnect with what makes you feel good.



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