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If you’re following on Instagram, you may have noticed I’m on the road (or rather, in the sky) quite a bit. Taking long-haul flights has become a common occurrence for me over the years, given that I live a 15 hour flight from my family and  also travel quite a bit for work. And while I love, love, love travel, it can certainly take a toll on the body.

So, each time I travel, I have with me my “flight pack” to keep me feeling good and grounded, despite being 30,000 feet up. With that, I give you my top tips for staying well while flying long-haul.

Empty Water Bottle


… past security, that is. I try to avoid drinking out of plastic water bottles (not to mention how overpriced water is, especially at the airports), for this reason, I pack with me my 1L bkr water bottle, and then fill it up once I past security (if I’m traveling in a country that it makes sense to do that).

On flights over 12 hours, I will take my 1 L bottle plus purchase 2 more litres, and drink 3 litres on the flight. And while this keeps me hydrated, it’s important you have an aisle seat as you can imagine you’ll be heading to the lou often enough.

Yoga + Aisle Seats

Kate Living Pretty Naturally Yoga

If you’re not able to sit up in business, make sure to ask for an aisle seat. Not only will you be thankful for it with all the water you’re drinking, but it is important to get up and move. Every hour or so, I’ll get up and walk down the aisles, as well as stretch in the areas where there is a bit more space.

If everyone is sleeping, and it’s a bit more quiet, I’ll even do a small yoga practice in the galley where there is a bit more space.

If I have a long connection, I’ll also find an area to do a short yoga practice at the airport (some airports even have special yoga rooms!), but if you’re unable to find a yoga room, find a semi-private area and just roll out your mat! Your body will thank you <3

Greens on the Go


I always travel with a little baggie of my Greens powder. Often times I’ll blend pure spirulina and chlorella plus some barley and wheatgrass and just take it with me. When I get on the flight, I’ll ask for a glass of water, and just mix it myself. The greens are super high in antioxidants, and packed with nutrients, and the chlorella / spirulina help with protecting the body from in-flight radiation.

You can buy Amazing Grass Green Superfood in individual packets, which are very convenient for the traveler.

Facial Mist + Facial Oil 

Without fail, I travel with small versions of my favourite facial mist and facial oils. Every couple hours, I’ll apply oil, and spritz my face. The dry airplane air can really take a toll on the skin, especially after 12 hours straight, but I notice the hugest difference in the texture and tone of my skin if I’m consistent about caring for it while in flight.

As long as your bottles are under 100 ml, you should not have a problem. My favourite toners for long-hauls? Annamarie Skincare Neroli Toning mist (only 50 ml — perfect for planes!) and Heritage Products Rose Mist.


As for facial oil, I love chia seed oil – an extremely calming and hydrating oil. My favourites? One Love Organics Oh Mega chia oil and Maya Chia Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Oil! Both are lightweight, fast absorbing, packed with antioxidants, essential minerals, and skin-loving omega fatty acids these oils will leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and glowing – no matter how long you’ve been in the sky.

Organic Ginger Tea


Digestion tends to get quite slow on flights, so I try not to eat too heavy (although I do pack some healthy and high fibre snacks). In addition to that, I always pack with me a few bags of organic ginger tea. Not only is it soothing on the tummy, it is also help with nausea and decrease bloating.

Just pack your own tea bags, and ask your flight attendant for hot water a few times during your flight. Skip the dehydrating coffee and black tea, and opt for cleansing herbal tea. I love Yogi Tea’s Organic Ginger tea.

Healthy Snacks


An easy to pack travel snack is a little packet of chia seeds. I opt for taking 2 – 3 tbs and then just asking for water and a spoon when the trolley comes around. It’s an easy way to nourish the body and stay hydrated, as well as keep hunger (and the bloat) at bay.

I also will pack fresh fruits to eat on their own, and other nuts and seeds – and if there is a chance I’ll be wanting a meal on that flight, I’ll usually pack my own grain-based dish, like a healing kitcharee or quinoa salad.

Oil of Oregano 


Oregano oil is my final essential for long-haul flights (or any flights really). With the recirculated air, germs are abound. Oregano oil is an incredible immune boosting supplement. Oregano oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, meaning it can actually prevent that oncoming cold. Take a few drops under the tongue during the flight – that’s all you need.

That’s my travel pack – all the little essentials that get me from A to B, naturally.

And with that, off I go again! Let’s connect on snapchat (snap.kate) so I can share with you where I end up this week.



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  • Ginger has saved me while traveling more than once- love your snack suggestions though. I need to do that more often! Especially when I travel for work. Thanks for these handy tips :)

  • Maria Eleonora F Bailey

    OMG I should had read this before my vacation hahha. Nice tips! I love you blog!

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