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LPN’s May Natural Beauty Faves

Oh, spring. Filled with flowers, outdoor yoga and skincare switch ups. This month I’m sharing my latest and greatest finds with you – and what I’m using now.

Make sure to connect with me over the weekend, as I’ll be in NYC finding all things good and natural. Follow my journey on Snapchat (add snap.kate) and on my Instagram (@livingprettynaturally).

Bottega Organica Rejuvenating Face ScrubBottega Organica Rejuvenating Scrub

What to say about this beauty, other than I am loving it wholly and fully. Sea salt and lemon for scrubbing, lightening and brightening. This is a glow getter. Mediterranean sea salt combines with purifying thyme and lemon to cleanse and purify the skin (no more dead cells here)! The organic shea butter, beeswax, carrots and apricots nourish and soften. The result? Walking away with some seriously soft, dewy and glowing skin.

Where to Shop

Online at EcoDiva Beauty (worldwide) for $88 USD

Annmarie Skin Care Earth Minerals Foundation
Annmarie Skincare Foundation

This is no newbie to the pages of LPN, but today it deserved a comeback. This month I received a new order of some of my favourites from Annmarie Skin Care (as you know, one of my favourite brands). Why is it brought back? Because my love for it is still full force and you need to know about it. I use this foundation daily (when I’m not testing new product) and it is brilliant, uber coverage, uber natural and get this — LIQUID. Yup, it’s a liquid foundation. You mix this powder with a little facial oil (comes in the package, but not pictured) and create a perfect creamy, flawless foundation. Yup. An official, “scream from the rooftops” item on my LPN LOVES.

Where to Shop

Online at Annmarie Skin Care Earth Minerals Foundation for $49.95 USD 

I wear the colour sand, but check out the sample kit first to see what is best for you.

DoTerra Essential Oil Blend in BalanceDoTerra Essential Oils

I love essential oils, and this year I jumped into exploring the world of DoTerra, thanks to inspo from a fellow yogini here in Oslo. Mornings are beautifully entered into with some Balance diffusing around the room – and it’s also a brilliant addition to your at home yoga or meditation practice.

The balance blend is Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil. It’s a fantastic blend to diffuse just to ground down and feel connected to mother earth. Lavender and Balance blend are my faves at the moment for lowering the shoulders and stressing down.

Where to Shop

Online on Living Pretty Naturally’s DoTerra Shop – Lavender for $28 USD and Balance Blend for $26.67

DoTerra Essential Oil Petal DiffuserDoTerra Essential Oil Diffuser

I’ve also recently purchased this new diffuser from DoTerra. It’s a powerhouse, filling up a large open landscape apartment within a few minutes. It’s also pretty and soothing, with a light that you can choose to have on or off (great if you want to fall asleep to a little chamomile or lavender aromatherapy).

I’m also loving that it can go for hours — 4 at its top! Absolutely perfect for when you’re entertaining too!

Where to Shop

Online at Living Pretty Naturally’s DoTerra Market for $62.66 USD

 Annmarie Skin Care Repair SerumAnnmarie Skincare Serum

Yup, here she is again. Again, because I did my own order this month, I had a lot of product to re-add to my routine. This one I’ve missed for a while. I’ve been without it while I’ve been testing new products these months and I wanted to reconnect with it (yup, reconnect with a face serum – ha) while I was in between serum testing. It’s just as I remembered. I use it for treating sun spots, “age spots” (basically hyper pigmentation) and acne scarring. It’s base is aloe vera, which is fantastic for these purposes as well as general anti-aging.

I wear this serum under my facial oil morning and night. After I’ve applied my serum, I then use my facial oil and finally I spritz with a hydrosol.

Where to Shop

Online at Annmarie Skin Care for $59.95 USD

Living Libations Maidenfern Blushing BalmLlivingLibations Blush

Now this is a cool little addition — a blushing balm. Don’t be thrown off by the tiny size of this jar, a little bit takes you a long way. Living Libations have cleverly crafted with cayenne, cinnamon and peppermint to give you a natural blush (your own microcirculation gets a kickstart, helping you look like you’ve just walked out of a yoga class and are ready for the day). Naturally coloured with from the juice of roots, it is also immediate in its brightening.

I’m loving this on my cheeks and lips. It’s the perfect daywear and purse companion. Instant pick-me-up.

Where to Shop

Shop online at Living Libations Online $20 USD

Henne Organics Rose Diamonds Lip ExfoliatorHenne Organics Lip Exfoliator

So it seems I’m really into scrubs this month… well, yes, I am. Spring is all about shedding. Shedding the crap we don’t need anymore – whether it’s attitudes, dudes (ha) or dead skin (ew). Adding to my faves this month is the lovely Hennė organics who is back with another beauty of a product: a lip exfoliator. I’m loving this blend of organic sugar, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, vanilla, jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, red chokeberry and rose oil that smooth out the dry bits on the lips. Simply rub in a circular motion on the lips for 30 seconds or so, and rinse. If you ever deal from dry lips or you find your lipstick sits in lines in the lips, use this in the AM before applying your lip balm or lipstick.

Where to Shop

Shop online internationally at EcoDiva Beauty for $24.25 USD

Sending you lots of love and light from NYC.
Looking forward to updating you on my trip there and all the lovely little bits I will experience.



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  • Ahhh balance is best! I’m so happy you’re loving doterra! <3

    • Seriously! It’s such wonderful product! And the diffuser is wonderful!! You were the inspiration & fellow yogini I mentioned ;) xx

  • Those look like some great products. I’ve been looking for a new foundation, and have been making the switch to natural makeup. I think I’ll have to look up the Annmarie minerals foundation. It seems so interesting that you mix it with a face oil for it to become liquid – neat!
    xo Jannine | Happy Stylish Fit

  • Enjoy it!!

  • very Useful Products! I also recommend Natural Products of Scared Nature Comfort Zone like Body lotion, Cleansing Gel, Cream, Butter Milk and lots more…….

  • Nate Mal

    Thanks so much for the awesome info! That lemon salt scrub is something i’m definitely going to have to try! Have you or anyone heard of a company called Herban Nectar? I’m hearing a lot of buzz about them as far as organic skin care goes but I think they may be new so i’m not finding them on any of these lists.I love trying new skin products but I’d prefer to see some reviews about it first. The website is if anyone can give me some insight I’d appreciate it!

  • mconway

    Cool post and nice photos! If you love essential oils, you might want to check out the Dilaura brand.
    It’s a small Massachusetts-based personal care products company. Only healthy ingredients (no synthetic anything added into formulas) and never been tested on animals. Safe and effective!

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