Madara Moon Flower Tinted Moisturizer Review

Just because fall is official, doesn’t mean you need to succumb to dull skin. It is all thanks to one of my newer favourite brands, MADARA.  Madara is one of those companies where you try one of their products, fall in love, and then continue to deep dive into the rest of the product line. I have been thoroughly impressed by their commitment to natural ingredients, ECOCert certification and cruelty free products… but beyond that, their products really, truly work – beautifully.
One of my top picks from MADARA is the Moon Flower Tinted Moisturizer. This beautiful fluid illuminates, moisturizes, evens out tone and even helps camouflage fine lines. Because of the product’s lightness, it literally glides over the skin and doesn’t get “caught in the cracks”, leaving your skin looking radiant and glowing  – like a moon flower.  This product is especially wonderful for mature skin types. If you want a little more of a sunny glow (think sun kissed in the middle of October? or if your skin tone is a bit darker) check out Sun Flower Tinted Moisturizer, where the tones are warmer.
The scent is lovely in that it smells herby (is that a word?) and delightfully fresh, and because the product is so natural and gentle, it is suitable for all skin types.
While it won’t cover up all your imperfections, it does even out any skin tone issues. So, save this one for days you want to feel free and light – perfect for a Sunday trip to the pumpkin patch, or heading out for tea with your girlfriends.

Key Ingredients:

Some key ingredients in this bottle include:  Baltic algae, chamomile, plantain, rose water and St.John’s-wort, as well as cocoa and jojoba. The colour and shimmer are obtained from natural plant minerals (awesome) and mica. While there is a bit of “sun protecting” ingredients in the product, I wouldn’t “go it alone” and instead would combine with your daily sunscreen to ensure adequate prevention of sun damage.

How Much?

A 50 ml bottle retails for about $28 CAD.

Where to Buy:

Happy Fall Gorgeous!


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