Meet Kate

Hello Beauties,

Welcome to my natural beauty blog, a place for reviewing, learning about and discussing natural beauty and holistic health.

I’m a firm believer that natural beauty radiates when we pay attention to what we nourish our bodies with, how we move it and how often we let it sleep. For this reason, Living Pretty Naturally focuses on both the internal and external components of beauty.

Let’s get personal:

My name is Kate and I am a beauty products junkie fan – but not just any beauty products, I love all that is good and natural. I like knowing that everything that is absorbed into my skin isn’t going to create future problems with my kidneys, or help cancer cells develop into tumors. Remember what goes on, goes in!

My curiosity began at a young age, thanks to my first healthy inspiration, my mom. She is a true natural beauty who has done her research and practices what she preaches. Having worked for a naturopath in her earlier days, she kept things clean and healthy for my dad, brother and I growing up. Her knowledge and natural cures first got me into the natural mindset, and I took it a few steps further into the cosmetics and beauty realm. This happened not too long ago, when I was having makeup slathered on me before getting in front of a few cameras. It was then I began to question the products being used on my skin.  My inquisitive nature led me to ask more questions than the makeup artists were willing to answer. I began doing my research on natural cosmetics and began to combine it with my knowledge of wellness and healthy living. The result? Living Pretty Naturally, a culmination of knowledge, trial & error and a platform in which to put it.

Please note that not everything I blog about is completely organic; however, this natural beauty blog will focus on products that I use, have tried and/or have heard great things about. It will also focus on alternatives to chemically-ridden products – more natural and often organic products. Further, I also blog about wellness and lifestyle to help enhance your natural beauty. I’m a firm believer that true beauty on the outside comes from what is going on in the inside. It is for this reason I’ll also blog about recipes that are packed with beauty-enhancing nutrients, yoga and other health and wellbeing tips.

Ok, so I said personal…

I’m a Taurus, but I’m not a huge follower of signs.

I’m a Canadian living in Norway, but I don’t appreciate the cold.

I’m an entrepreneur by nature and an MBA by paper.

I’m a yogini and certified yoga instructor.

Feel like getting personal with me?

I’d love to chat and hear your views.

Find me on the Ask Kate page or kate (at)

Looking forward to the beautiful journey we’re about to take together.