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A Natural Mascara That Works? It Exists! Organic Wear by Physicians Formula: Review

Over and over I have been disappointed by mascaras – natural and chemical alike. So I suppose it is needless to say, I have high expectations when it comes to mascara performance (aka, make my eye lashes look like they go for miles, or don’t bother).  Nothing changes your look more dramatically than a full set of lashes – it is (arguably) my #1 “can’t live without” beauty product.

A bestie of  mine recommended that I “just try” this mascara; she was so determined she brought it all the way from New York so that it could have a fair shot at making the blog (Ok, it wasn’t her only reason for coming…). I admit I had huge doubts, being that this comes from a mass-market brand, but, the trial has succeeded. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara cracked the natural mascara code – it lengthens, it thickens, it darkens, it doesn’t smudge, oh, and it washes off effortlessly.  For full disclosure, I admit, I’ll still keep my synthetic mascara in my back pocket for “nights on the town”; however, I will be using this one for daily wear.

I was satisfied with ~2-3 coats for daily wear and removed it without problems using SANTE Naturokosmetic Eye Makeup Remover which I blogged about here. Additionally, I was happy to see it was free from perfumes. I have long awaited a fragrance-free mascara; I mean, really, my eye lashes do not need to smell good.

While nothing is perfect, the cons are not enough to stop me from a repurchase. Those being, the gentle formula washes off so easily, so, if you’re out in the rain (or having a really bad day), the product is quick to end up on your cheeks if you aren’t equipped with an umbrella (or a tissue). Second, the wand is a bit cumbersome to hold… not exactly ergonomic package design (although the leaf idea is cute).

Physicians Formula Organic Wear is actually the first ever ECOCERT certified organic line of makeup in the U.S. 100% of the total ingredients come from natural origin and around 50% of the ingredients are from organic farming. Organic Wear is 100% free of harsh chemicals, parabens, synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrances. It is also (expectedly) cruelty free.

Purchase a .26 Oz tube for approximately $10.00 USD in the U.S. shops found here. International shoppers find it online on Amazon or Ultra.

Enjoy beauties!



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  • I’m also a huge fan of this one! I have really sensitive eyes and this mascara gives me no problems. Yay.

  • Liv

    Thank you for sharing :) Do you know if it works for sensitive skin? I get a rash on my eyelids if I use mascara. Synthetic ones are the worst, but I was also using one from dr.hauschka and I started to react to that one after a while too. I have almost given up on makeup. But it would be nice to have a mascara to use for special occasions :) Blessings xxx

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