• Lise

    Hi Kate! I have always had very nice skin, but for the past few years I have starting to have trouble with acne. I’m guessing that it is hormone change, but I’m not sure. I am now using something I am buying at the pharmacy for acne, but I doubt that it does anything good to my skin (as it actually bleached towles etc). I always use skin care without parabens, but now I am also going to change my beauty routine to be all organic as well. Do you have any tips or tricks for acne? It is not very serious, but it is always 1-3 spots on my face almost all the time. I eat healthy, do yoga, work out, and try to be very careful with my skin, so I’m not sure what else I shoud do. So I would really appreciate some tips if you have any :)
    x Lise

  • Kate! Your posts always make me order stuff! Please stop sharing all this goodness. No, kidding, thank you so much for sharing. X

  • so many good ones! will have to try the one s from LL – love that brand! loving my Maya Chia Serum ♥

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