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This blog is all about honesty.  I am not paid for reviews, nor employed by any of the companies I write about.

I am absolutely happy to entertain review requests,  given that your company’s values and ingredients are in line with Living Pretty, Naturally’s™.  Please note, I cannot guarantee that every product I receive and test will be reviewed.

I want to highlight good companies and products – therefore, only companies, products and services that are a good fit for Living Pretty, Naturally™ are recommended on the site, at my discretion. Not sure if you fit? Just get in touch via email, I am happy to chat :-)

A good pre-requisite is to check out your ingredient list and my ingredients to avoid section, Oh, and be sure that no bunnies (or other furry friends) were harmed in the making of your products.

Wish to advertise? Shoot me an email at the coordinates below.

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Have a Beautiful Day!