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Beauty Superfood Spotlight: He Shou Wu by Sun Potion

One of my favorite additions to my morning smoothies is beauty and health tonic herb He Shou Wu. I use the Sun Potion brand and shop at CapBeauty for $66 USD

What’s good with this Chinese tonic herb?

All the things!

beauty benefits of he shou wu

He Shou Wu has been touted as an anti-aging, blood-building, beauty and rejuvenation herb. It is considered a tonic for the blood, hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center and spirit. Essentially it’s affecting all the good stuff in all the right ways.

Studies have shown that He Shou Wu may support healthy immune function, energy levels and also host anti-aging benefits. On an external level, the root extract is reputed to strengthen the nails and restore natural hair colour – bye bye greys!

Beyond that, it’s great for enhancing your sexual energy, is an excellent source of iron and zinc and hosts some other benefits:

a tonic for the endocrine glands

may help improve stamina

good for resistance to cold

promotes red blood cells

enhances immune function

increases antioxidant activity

He Shou Wu Superfood Smoothie

My favourite way to take my He Shou Wu? An easy morning smoothie recipe! I’ve linked to my favourite ingredients so you can find them on iHerb as well. Use code MEP206 and save $5 USD. xx


Simply blend in a high speed blender for a 30 – 60 seconds, and enjoy!

For blending, I’m a lover of  my Vitamix – it is a life changer in the kitchen. Follow me on SnapChat where I’ll often post adhoc smoothie recipes: snap.kate 


Happy Sunday, gorgeous.



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  • Thomos Will

    I totally cherished perusing this post. Super Health Food benefits LLL tips

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    does this stuff really work?

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