Natural Hair Removal & Silky Skin: BodyHonee, Matarrania & C&Co Naturals Reviews

During the winter, I find it a little easier to let my leg hair get long enough for a wax. The problem with removing hair with the drugstore products (and even spa products, for that matter) is that they often contain toxic ingredients. Everything from chemicals that literally dissolve your hair, to the chemicals in that foamy shaving cream. And waxing, well wax often contains mineral oil, parabens, artificial fragrance compounds, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHT) and artificial colours. Needless to say, {Read More}

Jump into LPN’s Shower! Natural Beauty in the Shower

…. Figuratively speaking, of course! So we’ve chatted about the importance of a morning routine (read about mine here), and you’ve seen what’s in my bag (see that post here), I suppose the natural next step in relationship progression is to invite you into my shower… Ok, not literally, but at least show you which products make it onto my shower essentials list. Today I’m giving you a snapshot of all my shower favourites (I’ve also included my favourite pre {Read More}