Blissful Bali – LPN’s Yoga & Natural Beauty Travel Necessities

My beautiful souls <3 Over the past month, I have been on a journey. A most powerful and beautiful journey. My beliefs have been challenged. My ideas of what matters have been realigned. My love of this life has grown leaps and bounds – and I was already pretty damn fond of it. <3 For the past several years, I have been wanting to do my yoga teacher training. This year, the universe aligned and I took off to Bali {Read More}

Best Natural Sunscreen for Face 2014: Annmarie Gianni Sun Love & MyChelle Sun Shield

I’m well into my summer holiday and thought now was a good time to review two of my fave facial sunscreens. As a fair skinned girl that gets sun-kisses (at least that is what grandma called my freckles), I’m pretty vigilant about protecting my face, neck and chest daily, sun or no sun. But I recommend this kind of protection to even my most bronzed belles. Just because you don’t normally burn, does not mean that you’re not susceptible to sun damage and premature aging! {Read More}

Best Natural Sun Protection for Lips – Burt’s Bees vs. Fresh Sugar vs. Badger Reviews

Happy Monday Beauties! I’ve been off the map for a few weeks, but now I’m back. Well, not technically “back”, I’m at home in Canada after spending some time in the city of sin, Las Vegas.  Going from 15 degrees in the Nordic region to 40 degrees Celsius was no joke – and so I packed accordingly… in terms of lip protection anyways. Protecting your lips should be an important part of your beauty routine. Why? Because it helps with {Read More}

Natural Sunscreen for Face – Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30

I love the sun as much as the next girl, but being fair skinned has made me especially aware of the damage that it can cause. So, I guess it is no surprise that I am known to wear SPF 110 on anything that sees daylight. Over the last year, however, I have found that using a natural SPF 30 suffices for day-to-day use, and if I’m out hiking, skiing or at the beach, a reapplication (or two) does the {Read More}