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The Best {Natural} Facial Oils of 2013: LPN’s Picks

After much anticipation (and just in time for a crisp and chilly winter), it’s here… Living Pretty, Naturally’s official 2013 Best in Facial Oils Feature. It took months upon months of researching and testing, but I’ve nailed it down to the Top 7 Facial oils for daily use. Take the guessing out of your next online shop and get the details on these high quality anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-redness, anti-blemish, antioxidant miracle oils.  In my (humble) opinion, these beauties are the best oils on the market right now.

But wait! What’s the difference between facial oils and serums?

This post is focusing on facial oils – that is, pure nourishing plant based oils for hyper-hydration, anti-aging, and healing. In another upcoming post, I’ll be giving you the low down on my Top Serums (many of which come in oil form). So, what’s the difference you may ask. Well, a serum, while it may come in cream, oil or “serum” form, are concentrates packed with antioxidants and vitamins that we put on BEFORE moisturizing. Serums tend to be lighter, made for a specific purpose (i.e. anti-aging, brightening, smoothing etc.), can be worn under makeup easily, and can also be used in place of a moisturizer in some cases. That being said, they don’t deliver the moisturizing punch that a facial oil does, but they do transport vital nutrients direct to your skin. It is for this reason, I have separated my best natural facial oils from the best natural serums (coming at you soon).

How did I select the winners? Here were my requirements:

  1. Purity of ingredients (no synthetic crap, obviously)
  2. Quality of oil processing / extraction method (if processed at all – the more unrefined and pure, the better)
  3. Efficacy in maintaining my skin’s moisture through the day and/or night
  4. Anti-aging ingredients and/or effects
  5. Sourced from ethical companies (i.e. they source their ingredients fairly and, as always, no animals were tested upon)
  6. Overall texture/consistency/viscosity and scent

And the Winners are…

*Please note, the numbers are not meant to differentiate the products in terms of 1st place, 2nd place etc. These made it on my Top 7 list, and they are all wonderful products. Wondering about the differences? Read the descriptions below.

1. Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil – The All-Round Essential Facial Oil

This 100% organic argan oil is the go-to oil for all around healthy, beautiful skin. This luxurious oil is certified organic, crafted in small batches and based on fairly traded argan oil (the only ingredient in Kahina’s superstar oil). Argan oil could be the only oil you need as it treats everything from fine lines to eczema and dry hair to acne. Some superstar properties of argan oil include, its vitamin E content (restore elasticity and skin tone), antioxidant rich(fights and protects from free radicals helping to minimize signs of aging)

LPN’s Thoughts:

I used Kahina’s Argan Oil for several weeks and found it to be a thick and luxurious moisturizer. I recommend this oil for the no-fuss beauty who wants a high quality and effective oil that protects, heals and beautifies. Kahina’s argan oil was beautifully rich and kept my skin hydrated through the night, even while traveling and staying in dry hotel rooms. This one is an essential for every skin type – although I found the oil to be so hydrating that some may find it too much for day use. On a final note, the company also gives back – I love supporting companies that promote gratitude.

Where to Buy:

$36 for 30 ml or $86 for 100 ml

USA – Kahina Online, Spirit Beauty Lounge
Canada – Eco Diva Beauty, Fresh Faced 
Global – Global Retailers or Amazon

2. Amala Rejuvenate Treatment Oil: The Luxurious Anti-Ager

When it comes to luxurious natural beauty, Amala has this one down pat. Their beautiful line is packed with organic ingredients and superstar additions that you won’t find easily. Fair trade organic cocoa bean (stimulates microcirculation and restores elasticity), Andiroba seed (contains essential fatty acids to retain moisture) and Amarant seed (stimulates cell renewal) are packed with some serious life force. These powerhouse ingredients are perfect for both mature skin and those who want to help prevent the signs of aging.

LPN’s Thoughts:

The ingredients of this oil are wonderful  – and 95% organic – so I was delighted by that. The oil is moisturizing, certainly, but no so thick that you couldn’t wear it for both day and evening. The scent is light and slightly floral, and I did not use a separate moisturizer over this oil. I feel this is the perfect oil for women with more mature skin, that are looking for a product that is potent and effective. While it comes at a price, this oil will never leave you feeling high and dry… and they certainly don’t leave anyone in their supply chain without fair compensation either – read about their sustainability and philanthropy here.

Where to Buy:

$186 for 30 ml

USA – Amala Online, Spirit Beauty Lounge 
Norway – PureSkin.no
Global –  Amala Online

3. Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend: The Rosehip Warrior

We all know about my love of rose oil (or, if you weren’t aware you now know), so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a brand I love – and their rosehip oil – made it on my Top 7. Both manufactured and distributed out of West London, Pai’s line is completely plant-based and clean. When it comes to their Rosehip oil, it is just that – organic rosa canina seed extract and organic rosa canina fruit extract, with the addition of some natural vitamin E (from sunflower). A lot of people looking for anti-aging skin products turn to retinol products – which are actually damaging to the skin, can cause reproductive issues and even cancer. Instead of reaching for a synthetic retinol based product, get the benefits from this rosehip blend which contains ‘Trans-Retinoic Acid” that turns into Vitamin A  helping to heal scars, sun damage and fine lines.

LPN’s Thoughts:

A super-concentrated rosehip oil blend, this oil is a powerful multitasker.  It is great for any skin type (yes, even combination skin) and is effective at helping with elasticity, fine lines and firmness. I used this oil morning and night – but be warned, it’s natural orange colour may turn your sheets, pillowcase and/or white robe yellow. With daily use, this oil is especially useful for hyperpigmentation due to melasma (patchy discolouration), sun damage or scarring. This oil has also been extracted using C02 supercritical extraction, meaning it’s properties are left intact, making the oil that much more powerful – oh, and it’s pretty darn affordable too! This is my mom’s oil of choice at the moment – seeing her gorgeous skin is enough to make anyone convert.

 Where to Buy:

$35 for 30 ml

USA – Spirit Beauty Lounge
Canada – Fresh Faced
UK – Naturisimo
International –  Pai Online, Amazon

4. RMS Beauty Oil: The Lightweight Champion

Another one of my favourite natural beauty brands makes a great oil for the combination /oily-skinned beauties. My fair ladies, this is your go-to. The RMS oil is a radiance boosting oil that is light enough for under-makeup application. With a base of rosehip seed oil and jojoba, it is still moisturizing without being too “shiny”. It’s additions of Buriti fruit and Tamanu seed oil bring about some serious antioxidant benefits. It’s both a nourishing and protecting oil and certified organic.

LPN’s Thoughts:

While this oil was a little bit too light for me, it would make the perfect oil for any lovelies with skin on the oilier side. It’s light and vanilla scent was just lovely and it went on brilliantly under makeup. As with all oils, you only need a few drops. I used this oil for one week and preferred it for day use over night use. As with most high quality oils, it is on the pricey side, but still affordable considering 3 – 4 drops will get you through the day.

Where to Buy:

$70 for 30 ml

USA – Spirit Beauty Lounge, Beauty Sage
Canada – RMS Online
UK – Cult Beauty
International –  RMS Online

5. Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: Your First Facial Oil

No surprise here that a second rosehip oil has made it on the list. Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is a fantastic oil for all skintypes. It contains 100% Rosehip seed oil, so it has all the benefits that you would expect from a rose oil – anti-aging, healing and balancing.  It’s lightweight so it absorbs easily into the skin and is on the more affordable scale when it comes to the oils.

LPN’s Thoughts

This oil is actually slightly more lightweight than Pai’s Bioregenerate, so it is great for combination skinned beauties as well. It smells like a rose oil should, and absorbs relatively quickly for an oil, making it great for day as well as night use. Again, watch with your white pillow cases with this oil, as it does have a tendency to stain. The affordability of this oil may be largely because of the extraction process, which I was unable to find much information on – but they do guarantee a minimum of 80% essential fatty acids in every bottle.

Where to Buy:

$25 for 30 ml

USA – Amazon & Beautorium
Canada – Rakesh Cosmetics
UK – Boots
International –  Trilogy Online & International Shops

6. Living Nature’s Radiance Night Oil: The Nighttime Necessity

Based out of New Zealand, Living Nature is committed to pure and natural skincare. The Radiance night oil combines rose and rosehip with calendula to facilitate skin’s rejuvenation over night. The rose oil stimulates collagen production while the rosehip seed oil helps with repair and regeneration (as we have noted earlier). The calendula has a calming effect and is great for those suffering from rosacea.  This night-time anti-aging remedy will have you bright eyed and glowing by morning.

LPN’s Thoughts: 

I used this oil during nights only, again while on the road. It kept my skin moisturized right through until morning and I have to say the combination or rose oil and rosehip was a favourite of mine. I like to think of this oil as  “treatment” since it feels like it’s healing my skin overnight. It’s rose scent is lovely and it’s a heavier oil so it’s perfect for dry or mature skinned belles. That being said, the addition of frankincense also helps heal blemishes, so it could be used for acne-prone lovelies as well. On a per millilitre basis, it is again on the pricier side, but this is what you can expect from high quality oils.

Where to Buy:

$70 for 10 ml

USA – Saffron Rouge
Canada – Amazon
UK – Naturisimo
International – Living Nature Online & International Stocklists 

7. Blissoma Restore Deep Healing Oil: The Deep Moisturizer

Last, but certainly not least on my list is Blissoma Solutions’ Restore. You might remember this little lovely from a previous post I did a while back on Blissoma products (find that post here) I loved this oil so much that I had to include it in my Top 7 of 2013. Packed with 10 cold-pressed seed oils, this oil is deeply nourishing and hugely moisturizing. Containing organic cranberry seed & grapeseed oil (natural Vitamin E sources), organic rosehip oil & seabuckthorn berry (anti-aging Vitamin A which builds collagen and fights fine lines) – this is just the beginning. Evening primrose oil and pomegranate oil combine well for those with hormonal skin (making this great for mature skin or those dealing with any hormonal skin issues).

LPN’s Thoughts:

This rich, deep moisturizing oil is beautiful for mature and dry skin types – especially those who are looking for anti-aging effects. Don’t be turned off by the green colour, it comes from organic hemp oil which is packed with phytonutrients,. The addition of Calendula CO2 (supercritical extract) is a uniquely helpful ingredient for cell regeneration. I used this oil some mornings (it’s very rich and can be a bit too much for days I’m wearing makeup) and all nights for 3 weeks. It was extremely nourishing and potent in its ingredients. I would argue it’s my favourite oil for cold and dry Norwegian winters. I have put this one on Kate’s Faves for a reason, and it continues to stay put.

Where to Buy:

$30 for 30 ml

USA – Irie Star Website
Canada – Amazon
International  –  Irie Star Website

Well, there you have it beauties, the best facial oils of 2013.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s additions!

Stay tuned for the Best Serums of 2013 – coming soon!!!

Don’t forget to comment below if I missed out on your favourite facial oil! What is yours?



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  • elizabetta

    I was disappointed La Bella Figura Beauty oils were not listed! This company produces efficaious and lovely oils that truly work. Excellent plant sources as well. Do take a look at labellafigurabeauty.com.

    • Thanks for the post Elizabetta – I will certainly give them a try. Perhaps they will be on next years’ list! :-) xx

  • Little Mokuyoubi

    Thanks for this great post!
    Inam also using the Pai’s Rosehip oil, i like it a lot!
    Can’t wait to read your review on serums!

  • Lauren

    Hello there. I stumbled upon your website and am so glad I found it!! Your approach to skincare mirrors my own and I feel like I am cheating a bit as I take advantage of all your information and reviews- saving me time- so thank you. I have recently turned 30 and for the first time in my life I am seriously trying to take care of my skin. So I am new at this. I am wondering your thoughts on something. As a mom of two young ones, I do not take the time to wear makeup everyday. I want to have glowing skin on these days as well. But more importantly, I want touchable skin too. I really want to start using facial oils. But what should i expect using them? The only brand I have worked with so far is tataharper so it could be a brand thing, but so far, I use the moisturizers and facial oils and my skin feels like the products all day long. Is this just the way it works? I guess I had this notion that the oils would sink into my skin and I wouldnt feel them anymore after an hour or so. Is that not how facial moisturizers and oils work? Again, novice here so thank you for any input you are willing to provide.

    • Hi Lauren,
      So nice to hear from you and thanks for your note! As for facial oils, yes you can certainly expect the oils to remain somewhat on the surface throughout the day; however, it also depends on the amount you put on (it is recommended to use ~3 drops) and also how absorbable the oil is. If you are looking for something that sinks in a bit better your best option may be an oil-based serum. They tend to get into the skin better and won’t “sit” on top. I have a post coming up on serums this week — so this might be right up your alley! xx

    • Violet Florian

      Lauren, I have combination skin and was ready to swear off oils till someone gave me a sample of this new 100% organic face oil line called Uma Oils. They absorb so rapidly (I think I saw on a video that they use organic pomegranate oil as a base for this very reason) and they’ve really shown my skin some awesome results. (I started looking into organic substitutes when I had kids and didn’t want them exposed to anything toxic). Give them a shot (they’re not cheap though! but I’ve tried tata harper too and similarly priced)

  • Emily

    I cannot believe that Marie Veronique Organics oils did not make your list. I am a devoted fan and can’t recommend their oils enough. The only other one I own is the Lina Hansen Global Face serum, and yes it’s a serum, not an ‘oil’ but goes on like an oil but is thicker. I’ve received so many compliments about my skin since I started using MVO’s oil.

    • I haven’t had the chance to try Marie Veronique oils yet — love to hear how much others are satisfied with brands. I will certainly look into their products more! As for Lina Hansen — I LOVE her serum, and she will be featured in my “Best in Serums” post coming up this week :-D xx

  • Jenna G

    Many great picks, and some pretty packaging too! I am a sucker for nice packaging and high quality. Tempted to try another thanks to this review but I fear giving up my sevani omega night repair oil because it penetrates so quickly and nothing has made quite the difference for my aging skin to help with the lines and all else that comes with age. Can I add vs take away, or will that confuse the results…. great reviews, i am tempted but scared.

    • Hi Jenna,

      I haven’t used Sevani so I can’t speak for the ingredients and how they would differ – can you send a link to the product you’re using? Would love to comment further. If it sinks deeply into your skin, it may be a serum or elixir more than a facial oil – then I would recommend using both. Looking forward to discussing further.

  • Jennifer

    this is a great post! especially with so many products reviewed in one go :) I’ve always been hesitant of using oil on my face, it just feels so counterintuitive! I’ve lately got into oil cleansers though so I’ll build up from there :) how do i follow your blog here?! As you’re mad about skincare like myself, I’ve just posted a DIY skin brightening remedy if you have time to check that out? http://tigerlilybeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/how-to-get-bright-glowing-skin-natural.html
    From a fellow skincare enthusiast :) xx

    • Good luck :-)
      Yes, I know what you mean about “counterintuitive”. We’ve always been told to use “oil-free” this and that. I’m a convert and hope you enjoy. To follow my blog, I think you will need to put it on a program like Bloglovin’ or sign up for my newsletter in the right hand column. You mask looks lovely (and yummy)!

  • Bailey Blush ♡

    I have not tried any of the above oils- but I love oils and incorporate them into my everyday skincare. I will have to check some of these out!

    • Which are our favourites? Would love to hear! And do let me know how you like my faves from this post! :-)

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  • tianna

    I love the Living Nature radiance oil, but haven’t tried any of the others. Been dying to try the RMS one! Just got the Trilogy one so we’ll see how that goes!

  • Mandy

    Love this list. I am obsessed with face oils and am a big fan of trying out new ones. I am just finishing my bottle of One Love Organics “Love will save the day” and was thinking of trying the Pai Rosehip oil. I have a quick question for you. At night I use a “retinol” serum by Marie Veronique Organics. It recommends using an oil underneath it and I have been using my One Love one so far which has worked beautifully. But do you think if I use the Pai oil it will be too much retinol? Or does it not really work that way as they are both organic products deriving their “retinol” sources from plants? Thanks for the help!

    • Love One Love Organics! I’m using their Eternal Youth Serum now :) As for the “retinol content”, whenever you’re using retinol-containing products (even in its natural form) you should be wary of sun sensitivity. Your skin can only absorb so much, so adding on 12 drops instead of 5 probably won’t make much a difference – most excess oil will end up on your pillowcase. As for the retinol content I haven’t looked into Love will save the day at the same length I did Pai’s; however, I do know that Pai’s is quite a bit more potent than most rosehip oils (I’ve found) on the market, so that should do by itself… there wouldn’t be a need to use both. Plus it would get quite costly! :) Hope this helps! xx

  • elephant21

    One can buy very high quality oils for much less look at mountainroseherb website, these recommendations are ok with outlandish prices

    • Mountain Rose Herbs doesn’t detail their extraction methods on the product description — before I would recommend them I would want to know how the oil has been processed. That being said, I love mountain rose herb’s essential oils and use them in my diffuser daily! :) x

      • elephant21

        If you click on more info yes they will give you source and method of extraction now some essential oils are more costly to make and the price is higher such as neroli rose sandalwood Many of these oils mentioned above one can make on their own not only is it fun but it’s like your own custom made serum oil and less expensive. For that I recommend Brigitte Mars book about natural beauty tips and recipes. Soon I will do blog on skin recipes and let you know.

        • Can you post a link? I can’t seem to find it :(

          Also, I’ll have to look into Brigette Mars’ book.

    • karmacola

      Totally disagree. If I were to buy all ten oils used in the Blissoma concoction along with the essential oils, I would have to pay a bomb at Mountain Rose and I would be stuck with dozens of ounces of oils that I cannot possibly use within a year. Yes, some products are more expensive than others, but it makes no economic sense to buy in bulk to make an ounce.

      • elephant21

        yes it makes economic sense there is no reason to spend for any 1oz more than 30.00$, you do not have to buy at MR, there are abundant recourses on line such as Auracacia , Vitacost, etc…. the list is endless at Vitacost one can purchase rose hip 100% pure organic essential oil from Auracacia for no more than 15.00, baobab oil, essential oils geranium, frankincense …… and many more for fraction of the price. The reason I write this is because from experience I do not see a difference in clients skin who use high end products or clients who use less expensive skin care , bottom line is proper nutrition and exercise getting as much fresh air as possible. People continuously think i must use expensive products ( since I am 45 I look much younger ) but that is not the case even though i could indulge in the pricey skin care I do not only because I do not see a reason to do so.

  • steven

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  • Pat

    I see a link to Annmarie Gianni’s Skin Care as one of your affiliates. Have you tried her oil?

    • Hi Pat! Yes, I’ve tried her entire product line. I only affiliate with companies that I truly love the products of, would use, and would recommend to my nearest and dearest. I have tried her anti-aging oil, oil for acne prone skin and serums as well. All her products are just wonderful, high quality and effective. xx

  • Maya

    Hi. I’ve been using facial oils in place of all conventional creams and moisturizers for a few years now and significantly improved and healed my skin. I recently launched a new line of all natural skin care products including facial oils. I welcome you try them and let me know what you think! At crystalightorganics.com. Thank you.

    • Hi Maya! Thanks for the note :) Yes, facial oils are the best! I don’t go a day without one. Glad to hear you’ve had great success with your skincare through using oils. I look forward to watching your brand grow, congrats on your launch!! Would be happy to look at trying them later this year. Please get in touch via email for my policies :) xx K

  • Tanya

    Hello! I recently picked up the trilogy rosehip oil and am curious about how it is supposed to smell? Thanks!

  • I suggest you have a look at products made from the Anti-Aging Collagen Cream. It contains ingredients to act as anti wrinkle and anti aging cream, at the same time stimulates skin regeneration and replenish daily moisture loss. Meriance is rich in Amino Acids and minerals, stimulating skin rejuvenation with the effect of a smooth, soft and healthy skin.

  • Sano Naturals Phytoceramides contains 100% of your daily Skin Vitamins A, C, D and E. You only take one skin care supplement. Our Phytoceramides are proudly produced in the USA in a GMP certified facility according to exacting standards of safety and quality. -Restore Structural Integrity of Your Skin -Promote Skin Hydration. Young skin is full of ceramics a lipid that keeps your skin hydrated and smooth. As we age, skin naturally loses ceramics over time.

  • Mandy

    Hi Lauren, I’m officially your fan. Love the way you describe each product along with your opinion and even how to get the product from different countries. One thing I hate is reading about all these amazing products and not able to buy them in Canada.

    I’m currently using the anti aging line from Scentuals (made in Canada). Wondering if you have used it or heard of it and what your comments are on this brand. Since I’m a newbie at the whole natural line, I would like to try different products out there. I like how the Scentual anti aging oil serum is not too oily and absorbs well. Out of the oil/serums on your list, which would you recommend me for the summer? and winter? I’m in my late 20s and I have combination skin.

    Oh and one more thing, I put vit E oil around my eyes sometimes and I get some irritation, is pure vit e not good around eyes? has that happened to you before?

    • Hi Mandy, I haven’t heard of Scentuals. Wondering if I should look into this one? For summer, a great oil is the RMS one. It’s light and great if you get greasy in the summer. For winter, when you’re dryer (really dry) I would head towards the Restore but since you have combo skin you might be safer sticking with the Trilogy rose oil. I would avoid the pure Vit E around the eyes and instead stick to using a clean eye cream or your facial oil. xx

      • Mandy

        You probably have a lot of products to go through, but if you have a chance to try Scentuals products, please give me your review.Thanks for the advice, I’ll definite need to order some new products soon.. running low.

  • Amber Clinkard

    Great list of serums. Love your blog. My twin sister and I are Canadians and are developing our own natural, anti-aging serums called FarmGirls! Hopefully we will make your list next year. It’s coming soon.



  • Ms. Parker

    why is the blisoma oil listed as an facial oil when it is a serum? can i use it as a serum and pick another oil off the list as my facial oil because i really want to try the pai rose hip oil?

    • Hi Ms. Parker. It is because it is oil based — and a very thick oil. You will not need another oil on top of this one as it is very moisturizing. xx

  • Whitney Lebsock

    Is Life-Flo Organic Pure Rosehip Seed Oil just as good as Trilogy? http://www.amazon.com/Life-Flo-Organic-Pure-Rosehip-Ounce/dp/B006MMOVOQ

  • sammi8

    I’m a total convert to Made From Earth skin care products. For years I was seduced by the belief the more money I spent the better results I’d get… Wrong! I tweet about High Street fashion & beauty so Made From Earth products caught my eye about a year ago and now I’m a total convert. I have noticed a massive difference to my skin /lips /body and my bank balance as they are brilliantly affordable but seem to use very good ingredients

  • Heather Coltare

    I love using all types of face oils as well… I have tried so many types of rosehip oil and argan oil, and they are both my favorites out of all the oils… http://essenceofargan.com/

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