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The Budget Beauty’s Clarisonic – Sephora & Shiseido Face Cleansing Brush Review

If you’re a beauty products buff, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Clarisonic – the electric facial cleansing brush. Everyone I know that owns one raves about it, some even claim it to be life saving. While I can’t say that this brush will save your life, I can say it will change your life. How it works: cleansing brushes work to remove impurities, daily grime, make up and most importantly slough off dead skin cells. You’ll find after a few uses – maybe even the first – that your skin has a glow you’ve been missing.

Are You Cleansing Correctly?

If you have ever used your toner after cleansing and found makeup on your cotton pad, that’s a sign that you’re not cleansing properly. A toner is for re-balancing the PH of your skin, not for removing excess makeup and dirt. If you are finding makeup after cleaning, a face cleansing brush is just what the doctor ordered.

A cleansing brush helps increase cell turn over, keeping your skin looking fresh and young longer, while also removing all the gunk we put on our faces throughout the day both on purpose and by way of living in our daily environment.  The Clarisonic, while brilliant in its own right, retails for $139 – $175 CAD, so before diving into the investment here are some alternatives to try out before taking the plunge (or, you might well have your needs met below).


The Sephora Cleansing Brush

The Sephora Cleansing Brush is a budget beauty’s essential, at $7 CAD you can afford to indulge. How to use it is simple, add your cleanser to wet brush bristles and then work in a gentle circular motion on your damp face. Start from left to right and spend 15 seconds on your left side, then an additional 15 on your forehead/nose/chin region and another on the right side. If you’re cleansing in the shower, you can also use the same technique for your neck and chest to help keep them looking fresh and young. Remember aging signs also show on the neck and chest, so be sure to take care of them with moisturizer and sunscreen too! For those of you that have very sensitive skin, you may want to look towards the Shiseido face cleansing brush.

**Update September 2013** I have broken 2 Sephora cleansing brushes in the span of 1 year – both the plastic crumbled where the brush bristles are in place. That being said, spring for the Shiseido brush as this one has last my mom over 15 years. 

The Shiseido Cleansing Brush

Shiseido also makes a brilliant cleansing brush, which is slightly more expensive, at $26 CAD; however, the bristles are softer and are thus great for sensitive skinned beauties and those who have problem prone skin. My mom has had this brush for years and despite use, its bristles are perfectly intact.

After you’ve tried at the brush and seen how your skin responds, I will not be surprised if you spring for the Clarisonic. I plan on it and will keep you posted accordingly ;)

Where to Buy:

Sephora Cleansing Face Brush – Sephora in Store

Shiseido Cleansing Face Brush – Sephora Online

Happy Cleansing!





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