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Natural Treatment for Dry Hair – Melvita Capiforce Hair Mask Review

I usually don’t recommend products after a first try, after all, first dates can be deceiving. But this one stole my heart at first use and there was nothing I could do about it. I guess you could say I fell in love in 15 minutes.

You’re probably sick and tired of me talking about long hair, but to all my fellow long-haired natural beauties, I can promise you will appreciate this find. Today’s post is on Melvita’s Capiforce Hair Mask. The most lovely and brilliant product I’ve found in organic and natural hair treatments.

I used it last night and left it on my damp hair for the recommended 10 minutes – this morning, my hair felt more smooth and soft than it has in months. While it is a treatment recommended once per week, I will go ahead and say you can get away with using it more often, as the ingredients are so gentle and nourishing. It’s the price tag that might make you shy away from deep conditioning every night ;) At $28 USD for a 125 ml container, it is not a budget beauty buy; however, it will last you a while provided you have self control … must… wash… hair….

Aside from the results, the product isn’t too thick or cakey, making it great for those lovelies with thinner hair. And, for those of you who color your hair, this is great for repairing chemical damage too. Oh, and my goodness does this hair mask ever smell divine. I have a pretty sensitive nose, so big chemical scents freak me out – this one smells like a garden flush with flowers. That’s probably because it basically is. With coco, honey, aloe and shea butter, this all natural mask should be on your summer prep wish list.

Where to Buy:

Melvita Online

Skin Store

Shine on, pretty!


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