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Best Natural Headache Cure – Saje Peppermint Halo Essential Oil Roll-On

There is nothing pretty about headaches, that is for certain. Unfortunately, today I felt a “rager” coming on. I am not a fan of pain killers – or drugs in general – and I often go to great (and sometimes painful) lengths to avoid taking them. But when it comes to headaches, the lengths aren’t great or painful (phewf!). Faithfully, to my rescue, comes my trusty Saje Peppermint Halo roll-on. The oil is a wizard when it comes to easing and even curing headaches. It numbs out my headaches in under 5 minutes – nothing short of amazing.

There are no tricks involved, simply roll the oil on around your hairline, right down to your ears, or add a few drops to your finger tips and lightly massage around your hairline and behind your ears. If your headache is coming from a tension in your neck or shoulders, roll some around that area too.

But don’t stop there, there are a few other quick and natural headache remedies. After you’ve applied the peppermint halo, down two tall glasses of water (most headaches are caused by dehydration) and eat a handful of raw almonds. Almonds are great for headaches because they contain a natural pain killer, salicin. Interestingly enough, salicin is also contained in over-the-counter pain killers. Almonds also contain high levels of magnesium, a natural muscle relaxant. While you’re chowing down on those almonds, you are also enhancing your natural beauty – your hair and skin reap glorious benefits from this mega beauty food.

Peppermint Halo (even the name sounds light and lovely) is a beautiful blend of peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus. If you get headaches often enough to recognize the early symptoms, roll some on right away to help lessen or even prevent the pain.

Keeping a tube in your purse is great for while you’re on the go. Saje’s roll-on retails for around $19 CAD, and depending on how often you have headaches, will last you for a while.

If you can’t get your hands on Saje’s version, try Escents Aromatherapy Headache Relief, a peppermint lavender blend that retails for $17 CAD.

Where to Buy:

Saje Shops (Canada)

Saje Online

Naturally headache-free :)



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