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Etsy Find: A Selection of Products by Natural E NYC

Once in a while the small little boutiques on Etsy do great things in the natural beauty area. Small stores mean handmade batches, and a good chat with the creators themselves. I was contacted by Elaine from Natural E NYC (she’s based in New York) who is creating hand-made batches of wonderful products that focus on Ayurvedic principles. Here are a few of my favourites (I will be posting on their haircare in the not-so-distant future too).

Natural E Gentle Grains Ayurvedic Face Cleanser

This product just blew my mind. I couldn’t really conceptualize how dried grains of chickpea would exfololiate and cleanse my face, but after a week without my Konjac Sponge, and loads of thick sunscreen, my skin was in need of some exfoliative cleansing to say the least. Beyond that, I wasn’t eating as clean as usual, so I had a few spots on my chin to battle and Natural E’s Gentle Grains came to the rescue.

I used this scrub in the evenings after long days at the beach and even left some of the product on my spots as a mask over night – the spot (but not the redness) had diminished by morning. To make the mask I simply put a pea sized amount of the Gentle Grains on my hand and mixed with a few drops of water. I patted it onto the spots and left overnight. I was overly impressed.

My cousin also loved this scrub and was raving about her skin after she cleansed with it – she was also feeling the sunscreen clog after some sunny days at the beach. She plans on picking up this along with the serum below when she gets a chance.

The purity of this product rocked my week (there are no preservatives – not even natural ones) and its Ayurvedic properties are perfect for anyone suffering from Rosacea. After a good scrub, my skin felt back to its old self. What a summer saviour!


  • Chickpea powder & Neem (Help to clear imperfections)
  • Papaya enzymes (impurity cleanser)
  • Turmeric
  • Tea tree oil (anti-microbial, bye bye pimples)
  • Ayurvedic herbs
  • Pineapple fruit powder (Vitamin C for brightening)
  • Bentonite Clay (also great internally as a detoxer)

Shop the Gentle Grains Cleanser & Mask for $18 USD (extremely good price, as this will last you eons) on the Natural E NYC online shop at Etsy.

Natural E Flowers & Herbs Face Serum

While I travled up to the Okanagan, I took with me Natural E’s selection of products. While of course I try all products myself, I always like getting other skin type opinions – thanks to my cousin (in her mid-teens) and Aunt, I was able to get some other feedback on the product. I was loving the ingredient list before I even received the product of the serum, and I was more than happy with the face oil when I finally go the chance to put it on my skin. I used it daily (morning & night) and did not use any other type of moisturizer (with the exception of sunscreen). It was more than enough for the dry interior heat.

My cousin and Aunt particularly loved the serum, they were fans of the feeling it left on their skin – not greasy, just moisturized. The light scent from the natural oils was lovely and herby and the serum was exceptionally light, given that it is an oil. For those dry-skinned beauties that prefer a thicker oil, this one may be a bit light for you.


  • Antioxidant Coq10
  • Squalane (helps absorption so you can put it on under makeup)
  • Rosehip seed oil (my favourite for anti-aging properties) & organic rose geranium oil
  • Borage oil (great for hydration but also a great oil to take internally for psoriasis and other skin problems)
  • Seabuckthorn oil (good for regeneration)
  • Helichrysum, Calendula & Chamomile (anti-inflamation & repairing)
  • Raspberry oil (a natural SPF oil)

Shop the serum online for $16 USD for .25 ounces or the .5 ounce bottle for $32 USD. Pictured above is the .5 oz bottle and should be good for a couple months.

A Few Other Mentions

While I must say those were my star products on my trip, there are a few other little treats you should pick up over at Natural E NYC.

1. The Laughing Buddha Soap

I fell in love with this little guy and have him sitting in my bathroom. I refuse to use him because of his cuteness, but if I did I would be glad to given that he is made from largely natural ingredients. They retail for $10 USD. Try not to smile looking at this little guy after every shower.



2. Lip Balms in Vanilla Chai & Pure Rose

Pure Rose boasts a base of golden beeswax, macadamia and wheatgerm oil drenches your lips with moisture. Handcrafted calendula oil calms inflammation while castor oil add a light shine. A swirl of herbal alkanet subtly enhances your lip’s natural color. Droplets of rejuvenating pure rose damascena essential oil crown this twist-up tube. Each retails for $12 USD

Vanilla Chai has a beeswax base swirled with with golden jojoba, macadamia and calendula oils. The chai blend is made with 100% essential oils and lightly sweetened with either honey or stevia with an added bonus of cinnamon’s lip plumping ability. Each retails for $8.50 USD.


Happy Wednesday LPN’ers & Happy Hunting on Etsy and on Natural E.



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