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Fight Coughs and Colds Naturally this Season

With the holidays behind us, the body starts to let its guard down and the cold and flu season round two starts rolling in. On my first week back at the office nearly 1/3 of the staff was out sick! Many came back in this week with the sniffles and coughs. It was no wonder that when I was contacted by Maty’s Healthy Products to discuss natural offerings when it came to how to fight coughs and colds naturally this season, I was all ears. 

You see, many of the conventional cold care products in the grocery store carry a great deal of chemicals and ingredients that aren’t so good for us humans (especially our little humans). Even many of the products that say “natural” still host a whole lot of “crap” that our bodies shouldn’t be ingesting, and most taste awful to boot.

Maty’s created their line with seriously pure ingredients – and also have come out with an organic line, which boasts ingredients that include real foods and vitamins that you would normally be eating to keep the body healthy.

All Natural Cough Syrup Ingredients

In their Children’s Cough Syrup, you’ll find ingredients that are potent and healing, and even taste great – naturally. The flavours are not synthetically produced (you know what I’m talking about when you taste that store-bought “cherry” cough syrup). The syrup is actually so tolerable, you can put it on your children’s (or your) oatmeal in the morning.

Why does this matter? Because “natural flavours” are usually never “natural” at all. When you see this on an label, think twice before purchasing. Both natural & artificial flavours could contain anywhere from 1 to 100 ingredients including synthetic chemicals and GMO-derived ingredients (unless organic or Non-GMO Project verified). Flavours can also include excitotoxins like MSG that cause your taste buds to experience irresistibility when it comes to food.

Maty’s only uses pure lemon oil in their syrups instead of natural flavouring.

I love seeing ingredients lists like the one below. It’s seriously heartening to know companies are finally being mindful of what is going into our bodies to help them heal – with real healing ingredients.

So when you’re running through the grocery store aisle grabbing your lemon and ginger, pick up some of this all natural good stuff to fight coughs and colds naturally (they have adults versions as well, if you’re looking for yourself, but to be honest, I quite love the kids stuff).

Where to Buy Natural Organic Cough Syrup

Shop easily online via Amazon, for $12.99 USD per bottle!

Find the Children’s Mucus Syrup, Goodnight Cough Syrup and Original Organic all on Amazon.

Get well soon, loves



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