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Kate’s Exciting New Venture: The Feminine Code

LPN Fam, you have known me as a green beauty blogger and a health nut for the last 11 years… but I didn’t really share often where I spent most of my time. That was running businesses. It’s another passion of mine and this year, in the year of 2020, I decided it was time to start moving towards combining business with the feminine frequency as my next step in life. LPN will still be in my heart and I’ll update here as and when, but moving forward a lot of my content will be found on my new site – www.thisiskatemurphy.com

The Feminine Code Course is an 8-week intensive online immersion into building a successful business the feminine way. The Feminine Code, is the first training of its kind using practical business frameworks that are woven together with the feminine wisdom of nature and its cycles. This is a strategy and business building training – it is not an online marketing course.

You will learn to create and grow a business in-tune with the lunar cycle, the seasons, the elements and the woman’s own cycle. The Feminine Code course is practical for building and growing your new business or for helping you elevate the business you are already running. By channelling the power of The Feminine Code, you will gain the tools to go after your dreams.

The Feminine Code Training was made for entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, small to medium-sized business owners and women ready to bring their vision to life. You are open to spirituality and want to start or grow your business in a revolutionary way. It is for any woman open to harnessing the energetics of the feminine to create and grow her business. This training is intensive and requires commitment to the duration of the 8 weeks – please ensure you are ready for the commitment to yourself and your goals. YES, I’M READY!

The Feminine Code is comprised of 8 core phases, or modules. The training includes live sessions with Kate, video lessons, meditations, practical business frameworks, worksheets and energetic healing modality trainings that are taught in-line with the phases of the moon.

Each week you will also be given exercises related to the business theme, as well as the energetic theme. There is also an option for an Intensive which includes 4 one-on-one consulting sessions with Kate.

The Feminine Code is an unprecedented way of creating and running a business – inflow, and in tune with your authentic truth. Are you ready to start your journey into discovering The Feminine Code?

Hope you’ll consider joining me on the journey together.



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