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Natural Luxuries: LPN is Loving Amala Beauty

After a jaunt over to Berlin, I thought it was fitting to finally let you in on a luxurious German-made natural skincare brand that I’ve been swooning over – Amala (“most pure” in Sanskrit). I’ve been using a few of their products, and have more tests in the works with this brand, but today I want to feature two of my favourites so far. For any natural beauty who loves her skincare luxurious, natural and environmentally sustainable, Amala has you covered. Their product line is far and wide, offering the best in natural beauty for every skin type at every age.

LPN Testing

When it comes to testing, when I’m not satisfied with a product, I won’t feature it on my blog, unless of course, I was severely disappointed (I figure there’s enough negativity in the world, wouldn’t you agree?). That being said, everything I feature on LPN and rave about,  I mean. When I test skincare products, I will test one brand’s skincare line at a time (and often, I will start with only one new product addition per week). In doing that, I keep everything else in my routine constant, so I can notice changes to my skin. This also allows me to really “get to know” the product. After I’ve spent a few weeks with it, I start to get a good feeling for how I really feel about the efficacy, texture, scent etc. Amala scores high on all counts.

Amala’s Rejuvenate Line

I have been using the Amala Rejuvenate cleansing milk and toner for the past few weeks and I must admit I have been extremely happy with their products and ingredients. The rejuvenate line is targeted for skin concerns such as fine lines, deep wrinkles, and a need for youthful density. It also focuses on healing dry and/or dull skin. The star ingredient in this line is the cocoa bean. Why is chocolate so good for your skin? Well, it helps your skin to regenerate as well as increase your skin’s circulation. This increases your skin’s ability to renew the areas where imperfections and lines hang out. I like chocolate (on a side note).

Amala Rejuvenate Cleansing Milk

The Amala cleansing milk had a wonderful texture, and smelled of a neroli garden. Since it is natural, I had to give the bottle a little shake to ensure the ingredients were all blended together. To ensure the removal of my makeup I used my eye makeup remover (these past few weeks it has been coconut oil) and then used my cleansing brush to ensure the product lifted away dirt and makeup effectively (if you’r not using a brush or sponge, you may be left with residue from the day). The cleanser left my skin feeling very moisturized, so this is a great product for those with drier skin types, or mature skin (those with oilier skin might prefer Amala’s Purify line).

Key Super Ingredients:

  • Cocoa Bean: stimulates circulation, restores elasticity and provides antioxidant (against those nasty free radicals)
  • Brazil Nut: vitamin & mineral rich nut replenishes skin, while helping to rebuild its moisture barrier
  • Andiroba Seed: essential fatty acids strengthens and rehydrates your skin

 My one apprehension with this product is the ingredient list indicates “coumarin” which, while is found naturally in plants such as strawberries, cinnamon and black currents, can cause allergic reactions to some and is a regulated ingredient.

That being said, I felt my skin to be soft, and well hydrated after usage and would continue to use this product daily. As I mentioned at the beginning, Amala products are on the “luxury” side of the spectrum, so a 250 ml bottle will run for about $80 USD. You can shop them online here.  If you’re apprehensive about spending that on the cleanser, they offer it in a smaller size for $40 USD… but don’t blame me if you upgrade later ;-)

Amala Rejuvenating Toner

This toner is pure, pure, pure, and I love it. A blend of flower waters and skin replenishing extracts, and I’m one satisfied girl. Amala’s rejuvenate toner is great for helping shrink your pores, while restoring elasticity and evening out skin tone. It is cooling and balancing – and it feels that way when you put it on your skin. I especially love this step in my skincare routine after a long day. I feel like I’m taking the day off my face, quite literally.

Key Super Ingredients: 

  • Cocoa Bean (as we mentioned above)
  • Hibiscus: hydrates and strengthens skin also softens fine dry lines
  • Licorice Root: soothes inflammation and boosts radiance
You can shop a 100ml bottle for $54 USD, or try the 50 ml at $40 USD here. However, I recommend the larger bottle, this product is a great pick me up product as well for a long day (or during a long flight – and at 100 ml, it’s a good one to have on board).

Amala Stands Out: Clinical Testing & 100% Natural

So all their products come from 100% natural origin, many of which are organic, but what really makes Amala stand out are the clinical tests they have run (by an independent 3rd party). Their results are pretty impressive; however, to me, the results simply reinstill what I’ve known all along: natural products can be as effective, if not more effective, at taking care of your skin and reducing the signs of aging. It really just depends on the purity of the ingredients and the ability of the manufacturers to get the most precious components of the plants into a bottle. Amala uses unaltered products (meaning, they don’t derive and create an artificial substance from a plant, rather they use an extraction and distilling process (specifically an ancient Chinese water distillation process) to remove the desired plant components. Below is an image to help you understand what I mean by a “natural” and non-artificial process.


In addition Amala boasts recycled and sustainable packaging, a commitment to keeping the earth well, and an ethos I can get behind.
Well, my darlings, I hope you enjoy Amala products as much as I do. Have you tried Amala products before? Tell me about your experience! xx

Time to get ready for bed as I have an early flight to catch tomorrow!
Have a beautiful weekend!



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  • Eni tas

    i like you post, this product seem very interesting for me.. i will turn my routine to natural and unchimical :)
    i agree there’s enought negativity in the work, anyway i like to read a post with good product.. sorry for my english,


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  • Barongo Carole

    Hello LPN,
    I always love your articles. I have a passion for all things natural, and reading about your product description gets me excited. I would love to read your review of the blessed black seed oil as a natural beauty product. I have heard a lot of positive remarks about it, and I wonder why I don not see it in the market quite often. Thank you.

    • It’s a good question! Annmarie Gianni has a good article on it:

      • Barongo Carole

        Thanks LPN, very insightful info right there, I just love nature!

    • Jen Scott

      I so agree with you Barongo Carole…i think one of the best natural ingredients for skin care is black seed oil. It is great for healthy and clear looking skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties keep the skin light and healthy. I found out about it a few months ago would love to see more bloggers writing about it.

      • Hi Jen, thanks for dropping in! Have you ever tried it pure? xx

        • Jen Scott

          No not the oil per say but its seeds yes. i take about 7 daily in the morning on an empty stomach. But I have heard you can take the oil pure too, but I guess better do a bit of research on it. There are really good authentic websites that sell pure oil products too. I myself am looking into it. I do make the oil’s tea

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