Natural Travel Wipes: Beaming Beauty Organic Face Wipes Review

In advance of another trip to Paris (yes, admittedly I’m absolutely in love with that city), I got to thinking about some of my favourite travel beauty buys.  Living in Europe has taught me the golden rule: always travel light. Traveling light here means one carry-on and you’re off — provided you don’t bring any products that need to be checked for “liquid restriction reasons”. Given that I love my products, I have a separate mini arsenal for when I hit the road…err… tarmac. One of my favourites is my cleanser replacement: my all-in-one organic facial wipes by Beaming Beauty.

These little guys are GREAT! I absolutely love them. They’re so incredibly gentle (the brand actually makes products for babies, but has this lovely addition to their product line) and are packed with a few key ingredients: nourishing organic aloe vera, floral water and organic grapefruit seed extract.

These cleansing wipes are great for those beauties on a budget too – at about $5 USD for a pack of 25, you won’t be sorry you snagged these before your next trip. Also, the resealable package means you can save and re-seal them for the next time you’re heading on vacay.

Not only are they lovely on your skin but they are environmentally friendly too: flushable and 100% biodegradable (the wipes are totally chlorine free and biodegrade in normal waste disposal conditions over one to two years). Also, the wipe material comes from sustainable forests in Europe AND Beaming Beauty invests in Gold Standard reforestation projects in order to help achieve their commitment to becoming carbon neutral.

To Use:

I always rinse my face with warm water first and then use the wipe to remove any impurities including makeup and dirt from the day. It is worth noting that these wipes won’t take off your waterproof eye makeup products (or in my case, heavy mascara wearing), you’ll have to use a gentle eye makeup remover for that (try SANTE’s). Despite this little drawback, they “makeup” for it by leaving your skin feeling clean and never dry (pun not intended ;-).

Where to Buy:

Love Lula, & Beaming Baby

Today, I leave you with someone else’s wise words: “If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all of your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fear.”



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