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One Love Organics Reviews – Some Old Faves & New Loves

Hi Beauties,

Thanks for your love and messages on my last post and through social media. You are all such wonderful, beautiful beings <3 Things are still hard over here, but I thought it would be nice to bring some light into this beautiful Easter weekend with some help from One Love Organics.

Having a few days off means its a good time to go through a whole bunch of products from one of my favourite brands.  One Love Organics is no stranger to my blog, you’ve read about their products here on my Rainy Day Recipe & Face Mask post, here in the Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide, in my Best Serums of 2013 and My Evening Routine + Product Fave post. Phewf! Ok, so you get it, I love them.. so here’s a fun little post going through some of my old faves and new loves from this brilliant brand.

I received this cute pouch from the European One Love Organics team, so all my Euro-based beauties can get their hands on these products without duties and taxes – hurah! :)

I’m going to start off with some of the products I’ve told you about before, because I can refer you to previous posts to learn more about what I thought and why I love them. So with that being said, let’s get to it!

Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque Review

Brand New Day is unreal. This microderma scrub and masque is the key to smooth skin. It literally brings your skin to life. If you’re feeling like you’re facing some dull skin (maybe from a long winter?) this lovely should be on your wish list. I’ve written about this lovely here and here before, so I’ll leave you with those posts to dig into the details, but I’ll highlight for you a few things. Basically it’s a combo of pea flour (anti-inflammatory nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D & B plus minerals such as zinc and beta-carotene) and pineapple enzymes (big bromelain & vitamin C boost, which are great for reducing inflammation)  work together to “polish” your skin. It’s the best for removing dead skin cells and despite that it is “strong” enough to lift dead cells, it’s super gentle. You can also use this as a mask to brighten things up, but I love it as a scrub. Oh this stuff is wonderful!

Where to Buy: 

USA & Canada – Eco Diva Beauty for $14 0.5 oz (Quarter size – 0.5 oz, great for travel!) OR grab the full size gift set which comes with this gorgeous robe and perfect tote for $125 – I have this sweet robe and I just love it. It’s the perfect spring/summer robe for putting on your pretty face.
Europe – One Love Organics Europe for $55 (full size – 2 oz)
Scandinavia – for 369 NOK (full size)

Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum Review

Another “non-surprise” here, as this beauty was listed on my LPN Evening Routine post. While I was traveling a lot for work last fall, I used this one as my nightly moisturizer & serum. Not only does it contain rose oil (ok, you know my obsession here by now) but also watermelon seed oil which is rich in essential fatty aids. The oils are always cold pressed (or supercritical in the case of another oil I’ll bring up in a minute), so you’re getting the actives right on your skin. It’s a light serum, so no need to worry about acne or pore clogging. The secret ingredient – D’Orientine S is derived from the date-palm kernel which has clinically proven anti-wrinkle efficacy. Love.

Where to Buy:

USA & Canada: Eco Diva Beauty for $68
Europe: One Love Organics Europe for £49
Scandinavia: for 569 NOK

Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster Review

Another former fave on the list is the Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster, you saw this last time on my Best Natural Face Serums of 2013 post and it was with good reason! This super light serum makes you shine like a moonbeam. The raspberry leaf (hello flavonoids and b vitamins – great for anti-aging) help to tighten and tone up the skin, while the lemon balm + peppermint de-puff and brighten (both are anti-inflammatory). The lemon balm is also brilliant for beauties with problem prone skin (it has natural astringent properties). I use this one in the AM but also for a mid-day application. Read about how I use it in my previous post here. I use this one underneath a facial oil.

Where to Buy:

USA & Canada – Eco Diva Beauty for $48
Europe – One Love Organics Europe for £37
Scandinavia – for 289 NOK

Skin Savior & New Best Friend Skin Shammy Review

Ok now we’re getting into some new faves… ready?

I want to apologize – for not bringing this amazing product to your attention before now. The Skin Savior is a multitalented beauty when it comes to skincare. She cleanses, she moisturizes, she turns your foundations into BB creams – seriously there is almost nothing this one can’t do. I’ve been under a lot of stress as of lately, and this is one of the few products I can put on my stressed skin (including those fun spots that like to pop up) and actually calm it down instead of creating more issues. Yes, it is oil based (and waterless) but the pure cold-pressed oils in this buttery balm are nothing short of amazing. It contains mango butter, vanilla, chia and oat that actually help to clean up your skin after a long day (yup, it takes off your face makeup), while also moisturizing (I used this as a moisturizer under my foundation over this past week) and it can even be used as a pomade in the hair to tame fly-aways. OLO recommends mixing some of your powdered mineral foundation in with the balm to create a “treatment” foundation – I didn’t try this, but heck, like I said, she can do almost anything. *Vegans note, this product does contain beeswax

The chia seed extract is a heavy Omega 3 hitter, but also high in the B vitamins. All anti-aging powerhouses. I love face vitamins! The oat extract is high in silica which softens and nourishes the skin, but also cleanses, hence why you can use this balm for just about anything. The ingredient orange peel wax tones the skin and is packed with phytonutrients that are great for helping damaged skin (also the reason that using this on tried or stressed skin is literally like having a skin savior). It’s buttery texture and citrus scent is a number one in my books.

Grab this beauty with the New Best Friend Skin Shammy which is 100% microfiber (dermalogical-grade) which helps to remove oil and dirt from the skin. OLO says it will be effective for up to 200 washes, not bad for a cool $12 USD. This shammy actually reduces the amount of product you need to clean your skin, since it does a lot of the work for you. You can tote this in your bag as well just to remove dirt and oil throughout the day. A quick wipe (dry) sops up anything that is looking less than pretty.

You can also use the shammy to wash your skin alone, without product (for example in the AM when you don’t need much cleansing), since the tiny wedge fibres in the fabric actually pull out particles and dirt from your pores. Best part? Care is easy, just wash it with your laundry and a mild detergent.

Where to Buy Skin Savior

USA & Canada: Eco Diva Beauty for $78
Europe: One Love Organics EU for £30
Scandinavia: for 649 NOK

Where to Buy Skin Shammy

USA & Canada – Eco Diva Beauty for $12 USD
Europe – One Love Organics EU for £9
Scandinavia – for 119 NOK

Supercritical Chia 100% Organic Omega-3 Oil Review

One of OLO signatures is their chia-based products. This supercritical chia oil is no different. Alright, so I love argan oil, rosehip oil and other high in omega-3 based oils, but after doing some research this chia oil is incredible when to comes to dry skin.  Seriously, wowza! If you don’t have super dry skin, you can still get the benefits of this powerhouse oil by dropping a few drops into whatever product you are using for moisturizer (whether it be another oil or cream).

So what’s the deal with supercritical?

Supercritical means the oil has been extracted using CO2 extraction process which means that the oil retains its purity, concentration and basically all the good stuff. Essentially the C02 in its liquid form actually pulls out all the active ingredients and leaves zero residues and zero oxygen (meaning no oxidation damage to the oil). That oil you’re putting on your skin? About as pure as it gets. That also means your skin can assimilate the nutrients (namely the omega-3s) easily getting the maximum benefits.

Where to Buy:

USA & Canada – Eco Diva Beauty for $56 
Europe – One Love Organics Europe for £39
Scandinavia – for 469 NOK

Easy Does it Foaming Cleanser Review

easy-does-it-foaming-cleanser-olo review

For those beauts that love a bit more of deep cleanse, the Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser is a goodie. It’s a pore cleaner, makeup remover but also a protector. You can use this one as a face, body and even shampoo! It’s multi-purpose cleansing properties make it the perfect travel companion.  The Chilean soap bark, cold- pressed apple oil and vegetable glycerin help to cleanse the whole bod without drying out your precious skin. It’s mild, but effective, and rich in minerals which protect and hydrate the skin.  Note, that while it is a foaming cleanser, the foam isn’t massive. If you’re one of those gals that like hugely foaming face-wash, then I would guide you over to their Chia Whip Foaming Cleanser. I found this a bit too drying for my skin, but ladies who deal with combo or skin on the oiler side might love it (don’t get me wrong, it’s a gentle foaming cleanser and your skin won’t feel stripped, but I prefer a super gentle cleanse).

Where to Buy Easy Does It:
USA & Canada – Eco Diva Beauty for $33 for 8 oz (or $91 for a large 32 oz bottle)
Europe – One Love Organics Europe for £25
Scandinavia – for 269 NOK

Where to Buy One Love Organics

If you’re looking for other goodies about OLO or want to check out some more details, you can find full collections on these online shops.

USA & Canada – Eco Diva Beauty – get great samples and give back to (your choice of) a great cause with every purchase
Europe – One Love Organics Europe
Scandinavia –

Hope you enjoy these love-ly products as much as I have.

Happy Easter beauties, sending you lots of love <3



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  • Mademoiselle nature

    Really nice review!
    I love the concept of this brand and cannot wait to try some of their products! x

  • Wow, so many wonderful products! Great reviews, I really want to try the Omega-3 Oil x

  • shortsmallsweet

    OLO is undoubtedly one of my fave brands, not just because they’re my first organic skin care, but also their products are made with such awesome ingredients and work so well for me!

  • Sprinkle Days

    The scrub sounds like a good product. I am looking for a product that will leave my face feeling soft. Great post =)

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s a good one. All my girlfriends that have been introduced to it have enjoyed Brand New Day thoroughly. x

  • Lovely post! Burlington, Ontario Canada loves One Love Organics as well!

  • Jane Pinklett

    Thanks for the reviews. I’ve been looking for some reviews to provide to my readers at

    You’ve gave me a couple of ideas to work on. Thanks xo

  • Maria

    Wow I would love to try some of their products. They look yummy !

  • Wow! These look amazing :)

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