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LPN’s Wellness, Spiritual & Green Beauty Faves in February

There was something about this February that was hard. Things just felt like they took a little more effort – getting into my yoga practice happened less frequent, my work hours were longer and my immune system seemed to struggle. For this reason, it was even more important to support myself in all ways: mind, body and soul.

Maybe you noticed a trend last month on my posts: self care (cf. last week’s post and the one prior to that).  Keeping in with the theme of self care, here are a few of my favourite things that have helped keep me grounded and feeling supported during the final month of winter (yes, sometimes “things” do help keep us feeling more grounded).

What are some “things” that help you ground down? Comment below <3 

Therapeutic Massage from Pranamat ECO by PranaLine

The Pranamat ECO is quite an invention. Those little lotus blossoms are almost as sharp as nails, and act almost as acupuncture needs (without piercing the skin, of course) as you lay. The lotus flowers help to stimulate blood flow to areas that you are working with (I am actually sitting on it right now as I type this). It’s like a manual massage, but it also helps bring energy back to the body, by putting pressure onto points in the body that are blocked or in minor pain. All of the materials used are eco-friendly (it’s made with HIPS plastic (hypoallergenic and surgical grade) linen cover and coconut fibre inner).

Get 10% off using the code livingprettynaturally10

Get 10% off using the code livingprettynaturally10

I’ve been laying on the mat for 15 minutes after work, just to rebalance and ground down before heading into my evening routines, and sometimes I’ll just stand on the mat for a few minutes to get blood moving down towards the toes (it’s cold here in Norway!).

You can use code livingprettynaturally10 on the website to get 10% off <3

Soul Reading + Workbook – Wanderlust

Some soulful reading is just what the doctor naturopath ordered. Wanderlust is a workbook / read about finding your “true north.” It’s about navigating your personal path, curating principles that embody the lifestyle of Wanderlust.

Each chapter includes expert yoga instruction by renowned teachers (and beautiful music playlists to motivate readers to practice); thought-provoking and spiritual art; awesome recipes for delicious, healthy foods, places for you to contribute and fill in your thoughts, and other random and fun things.

The books is a perfect companion to your Sunday morning cup of tea. <3

Wanderlust by Jeff Krasno

Find Wanderlust on Amazon for $17 USD

Natural Candle Scented with Essential Oils – Handmade Soap Co

Made with natural soy wax and only natural essential oils to fragrance the candle, I’m loving it. The packaging is beautiful and makes a perfect slow burn light for those cold evenings (and mornings too). One of my favourite weekend rituals is lighting up my candles and playing calming music. You can check out one of my favourite yoga relaxation playlists on Spotify here.

Find Handmade Soap Co Candles on LoveLula – one of my favourite natural beauty shops on this side of the ocean.

Handmade Soap CO Candle

Gemstone for Self Love – Rhodochrosite 

I love gemstones – there is something magical about the colours and the properties they hold. Rhodochrosite is one of my favourite stones for many reasons, but namely because this pretty pink stone represents selfless love and compassion. It’s all about positive attitude with this stone, and it is a great stone for the heart and relationships – it’s a healing stone, and is one used for those attracting their soulmate as well. It is Queen when it comes to self love, and so, this has been by my side this past month.

When shopping for stones, try to find where the source of the stone is to make sure it’s authentic and ethically sourced. I’ve linked you up on Amazon to some stones, but this is not where I bought mine. Take your time when finding the perfect stone for you <3


Face Serum for Tired Winter Skin – Malaya Organics Rejuvenating Face Serum

I’m seriously loving Malaya Organics these days – you saw last week a mention of their facial seam – so this week I’m sharing with you their small-batch, wild crafted facial serum. The winter months always make my skin a bit more dull and dry looking. This “corrective serum” has been a fave this month – super soothing, mega hydrating, healing and still lightweight.

Malaya Organics

Some of the anti-inflammatory and star ingredients include Marshmallow Root, Calendula Flowers, Borage Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Rose Petals and Siberian Cedar Nut Oil coupled with Gardenia Absolute’s antioxidant and collagen-synthesizing properties nourish skin, keeping it healthy and balanced.

I’ve been using the oil morning and evening (yes, even under makeup – because I’m all about that youth dew). After cleansing, I press a pump onto my skin around face and neck, then follow with my hydrosol of choice.

Malaya Organics Face Serum

Teas for your Moon Cycle – Traditional Medicinals and Yogi Tea

When my wellness practices slip, I also notice a change in how my menstrual cycle operates. Heavier bleeding, cramps, mood swings are not always things I face — unless I let the things that keep me balanced slip to the way side. That happened this month, so I was reaching out to some of my tried and true teas for balancing the moon cycle. Steep for 10 minutes <3

Herbal Tea for PMS

Here are my faves:

Traditional Medicinals Healthy Cycle – this tea is based on a traditional combination of raspberry and nettle (both help with water retention and bloating), with other complementary herbs like angelica root (also known as dong quai – see below), blessed thistle and cramp bark, this tea uses a tonic approach to women’s health. I drink this one a week before and during the peak of my moon cycle.

Yogi Tea Moon Cycle – This tea combines Dong Quai, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for heavy bleeding, headaches and cramps, with Chaste Tree Berry (reducing breast pain) and Organic Raspberry Leaf (water retention), all of which have been traditionally used for centuries to address common menstrual discomforts. Chamomile is added, which has been used for centuries to help relax both mind and body. I drink this one several weeks before my moon cycle reaches peak.

Traditional Medicinals PMS Tea – This tea supports good mood during PMS, easing irritability, tension and discomfort through skullcap and lemon balm – used to ease frayed nerves, this tea can help you feel a little more like you can go with the flow. heh heh!  I drink this one when feeling irritable and fiery (and remember that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just part of your bad ass feminine power).

Jewels for the Heart – Ananda Soul Creations Angel Whisper Necklace

I have loved Ananda Soul Creations for some time – ever since I found Christina Zipperlen’s art. This beautiful piece spoke to my heart when I saw it. It’s called the Angel Whispers necklace – a powerful feminine and stunning piece of Rose Quartz, that hits you perfectly close to your heart. It’s paired with a pretty little Gold feather to remind you to keep following your heart and fly where those dreams take you. <3  Ananda Soul Creations

Rose Quartz is another powerful gemstone for love – both self love and outward love. It encourages unconditional love. It’s heart opening qualities act soothing on the nervous system, increasing happiness, trust and harmony. This beautiful necklace is made of 24kt Gold Vermeil and Rose Quartz. Everything at Ananda Soul Creations makes is ethically produced in Bali, and the company gives back to street children in Bali. 

Christina uses her art to act as a portal for women to access creations that remind them of their beauty, strength and wisdom. Yes, sister! <3

I hope you have a beautiful month ahead, as we move into longer days, and fuller hearts. Welcome spring!



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