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Thank you, Yoga Digest! This week I was featured in Yoga Digest’s Change Maker story, where I got to speak about all that I am passionate about — including my day job (something I very rarely speak about on this forum). Hop over to their site for the full article, but you can get a sneak peek here.

How did you get into yoga?

KM – My journey to yoga started as a physical one. It wasn’t a miraculous awakening, but rather a botched slide tackle in a soccer game that resulted in a broken leg and torn tendons all around my ankle. This led me to a series of combined spinning and yoga classes to help heal my tendons. Over the course of a few weeks, I became addicted to the yoga class after spinning and I began attending more classes, from hot vinyasa to yin. My body was not the only thing starting to heal; it was my mind and spirit, too. I was hooked.

What have you done in the past year to better yourself as a Yoga Teacher?

KM – I connect into a practice of pranayama daily – whether it’s on my meditation cushion at home, or sitting at my office desk. Taking note of how yoga can impact our daily lives – not just in the studio – has helped me incorporate these soft reminders into my own classes. As a teacher, I make a point of asking questions to my students, so they can make the choice constantly for themselves: “what does my body need, right now,” or “how does my breath feel now?”

Why is yoga so important in the world we live in today?

KM – We are so focused on our external experiences that we forget to come home to ourselves and just be for a few moments. This obsession with doing and being not only depletes our energy and spirit; it also depletes our ability to give our best selves to our family, friends, spiritual practices, and ourselves. Yoga gives us a channel to connect, to get the mind quiet and to take part in this life from a place of understanding.

How have you found ways to incorporate yoga into other areas of your life?

KM – In addition to being a yoga teacher, I am also CEO of Play Magnus, a chess tech start up, and the founder of the natural beauty & wellness blog Living Pretty Naturally, so I have found creative ways to incorporate yoga into my life. Over a year ago, I began offering a weekly yoga class to my awesome employees at Play Magnus – a team of about 10 software developers, designers and chess Grand Masters. I watch my team enjoy those few moments of mindfulness in their day, as well as feel and see the benefits of lower shoulders, both physically and emotionally.

I travel a lot for my work – chess is a global sport, after all! Before each trip, I always research studios I want to try out in the city to which I am traveling (even if I’m in a country where I don’t speak the language).  And I always travel with my “travel mat” so I can still do my own practice in the hotel room.

In order to find other ways to incorporate yoga into my life, I often slip into my own practice when the studio is empty after teaching one of my classes at Leela Yoga. I also tend to center my holidays and travels around yoga teacher trainings or retreats. For instance, this spring I’m actually co-hosting a yoga retreat in Bali – where it’s possible to find the perfect balance of teaching and learning.

What has yoga done for your professional life?

KM – Yoga has been a saviour in so many ways. It is the other side of the teeter-totter that allows me to feel balanced when I’ve stacked up too much on one side. It allows my mind to calm, the body to soften and following my practice, I always notice a shift in my energy and my thoughts. I become more creative, things flow more easily, and I am more effective in my work.

  1. What is your life motto?

KM – “Go, go, go, stop!”

I have a constant curiosity that makes me a “yes” say-er. I say yes to almost anything and everything that interests me and feels right. However, I’ve had to become a lot better at listening to my gut and intuition when my body is saying, “no, it’s time to rest.” Whether that is some restorative yoga, meditation, journaling, curling up with a giant cup of tea and my book of the moment, or just taking a nap on Sunday, I am listening to the inner voice say “go, go, go, stop.”

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  • Anna

    Wow, that’s really awesome!! Just saw the documentary about Magnus Carlsen on Netflix. Amazing! I’d want a CEO for my company like you as well:)

    • Thanks Anna :)
      I’ve never talked much about this side of my life on LPN, but it has been great watching both worlds collide. xx

  • Sameer Malhotra

    always love reading
    your posts dear! have a great day ahead gorgeous

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  • Leishla Marie Bouchard

    I found you on Instagram about 2 weeks ago while looking for inspirational bloggers, and I fell in love with you and your work! I also enjoy playing chess and today I went on the Play Magnus website for the first time and was surprised when I saw your beautiful face! I had to double check to make sure it was you. LOL You’re one awesome lady!!!

    • Oh lovely to hear from you!! Thanks so much for your sweet words and dropping by. Not many people knew much about my day-to-day on-gonigs before this article, so it’s kind of fun to be “out of the closet” about my day job. So lovely to have you stop by and leave a note, Leishla! Love and hugs! xx

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