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Most Glorious Desert EVER – Banana Nut “Ice Cream” Recipe

Good Evening Lovelies! With the arrival of the first snow of the year here in the North, and to celebrate of the arrival of my bestie from NY, it was an occasion for desert. While this bombshell is incredibly delicious, it contains no dairy, no sugar (other than natural fruit sugar), its vegan, it cures your sweet tooth and it includes chocolate. Does it get any better? I think not! You will thank me later for this one, I can {Read More}

Top 5 Best Anti-Aging & Beauty Vitamins

Ok, so there is no secret cure to prevent those wrinkles from appearing, but there are some vitamins that help with the battle. Vitamins are natural antioxidants and act on the front lines to battle the free-radicals which contribute to aging and other beauty woes. This little post is dedicated to all those Vitamins that are beneficial to fight the raging aging battle. With that being said, this is not a blog post to promote taking every supplement under the {Read More}

The Best Quinoa Veggie Burger Recipe (Vegan)

How to ensure that meat-loving boyfriend and vegetarian girlfriend eat dinner together? The answer is simple: create dishes that sound like they contain meat… and surprise them with how good they taste! This weekend my house was completely meat-free, thanks to a few good recipes and crisp fall air that encourages creations such as stuffed butternut squash… and burgers. Not only were these burgers quick, they were delicious, alkaline (check out the importance of an alkaline body in a previous post), {Read More}

Natural Eye Makeup Remover – SANTE Naturkosmetik Eye Makeup Remover Review

For a girl who wears a lot of mascara, a good eye makeup remover is worth its weight in gold. Rubbing your eyes trying to get off that last bit of mascara and eye liner that your cleanser left behind does anything but lessen the appearance of fine lines. It is for this reason that every beauty that paints her peepers should keep an effective – and gentle – eye makeup remover in her beauty arsenal. My favourite is SANTE Naturkosmetik‘s Eye {Read More}

Madara Moon Flower Tinted Moisturizer Review

Just because fall is official, doesn’t mean you need to succumb to dull skin. It is all thanks to one of my newer favourite brands, MADARA.  Madara is one of those companies where you try one of their products, fall in love, and then continue to deep dive into the rest of the product line. I have been thoroughly impressed by their commitment to natural ingredients, ECOCert certification and cruelty free products… but beyond that, their products really, truly work {Read More}