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LPN’s Fave {Online} Shopping Destinations for Natural Beauty

Where to buy natural beauty products? Well this post has been a long time coming, as I’m often asked the question “Where or where do you shop?!”. Well, that really depends on two things: What I am on the search for What country I’m currently blogging from You’ll notice on my blog, every product has a “where to buy link” but today I wanted to highlight some of my favourite multi-brand online shops that, without fail, have served me well {Read More}

LPN Loves: Natural Lip Guru, Bite Beauty

Coming home felt like Christmas – first, because seeing my family is such a gift (seriously, it had been a year and I was so homesick) and second, because I had boxes upon boxes of wonderful products waiting for some LPN love. First on the docket are EDIBLE, ANTI-AGING & RADIANT lip products. I first heard about Bite Beauty when my bestie in NYC emailed me a link that this natural “lip lab” store was opening up in her neighbourhood. I immediately {Read More}

Jump into LPN’s Shower! Natural Beauty in the Shower

…. Figuratively speaking, of course! So we’ve chatted about the importance of a morning routine (read about mine here), and you’ve seen what’s in my bag (see that post here), I suppose the natural next step in relationship progression is to invite you into my shower… Ok, not literally, but at least show you which products make it onto my shower essentials list. Today I’m giving you a snapshot of all my shower favourites (I’ve also included my favourite pre {Read More}

Easy Vegan Organic Raspberry Sorbet Recipe

With summer being officially here (hurray for the Summer Solstice!), I thought it was appropriate to create an easy summer-worthy treat that anyone can enjoy. It’s quick, it’s easy and it only requires 4 ingredients in your blender. Enjoy Gorgeous!   Ingredients: 2.5 cups of raspberries (servies two) 1 date 7-8 drops of liquid Stevia 2 – 4 tablespoons of water (don’t add too much, it will make it like a smoothie :-) Just blend it all together. Be patient {Read More}

Natural Luxuries: LPN is Loving Amala Beauty

After a jaunt over to Berlin, I thought it was fitting to finally let you in on a luxurious German-made natural skincare brand that I’ve been swooning over – Amala (“most pure” in Sanskrit). I’ve been using a few of their products, and have more tests in the works with this brand, but today I want to feature two of my favourites so far. For any natural beauty who loves her skincare luxurious, natural and environmentally sustainable, Amala has you covered. Their product {Read More}


Beauties, I’ve missed you! I’ve been light on the blog updating over the last few weeks after a trip to Paris, a trip to Berlin and of course trying to keep up with the day job. To apologize and show my appreciation, I’m teaming up with the wonderful people over at Conscious Box for an LPN Giveaway! The Prize The prize is a 3-month FREE subscription to Conscious Box, a monthly box that helps you discover the some of the purest and healthiest natural products in {Read More}

Sprouted Greens Smoothie Recipe

Happy Tuesday Gorgeous! Here is a great recipe for those in need (or want) of a fibre packed detox – complete with sprouts and herbs! This type of smoothie is great with any sprouts you have – throw them in and throw them on top. I’ve blogged about the beauty benefits of sprouts before, and you can find all those details here. In the mean time, blend yourself up some greenie goodness.   Ingredients: Handful of parsley Handful of sprouts {Read More}

LPN Facial Oil Feature: Spotlight on Blossom Jar Facial & Body Oil

If there is anything I am fanatical passionate about when it comes to natural beauty (everything?), it is oil. Natural, unrefined, PURE, plant-based oil. It is the one product that I refuse to skip in my skincare routine, regardless of how late a night it has been. Every evening, without fail, this plant-based miracle makes it onto my face. What’s A Facial Oil Feature? Since starting up LPN, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about facial oils, in particular what to {Read More}

Lip Therapy Love – Osmia Organics Lip Repair & Lip Luster Review

If you’re new to the LPN community, you may or may not know that I am a little hugely enamoured with lip products. There is rarely a point during the day where my lips are bare… but how can you blame me when there are products like Osmia’s out there? I spent the last little while with two of their lip products and am a true Osmia convert. Created by the lovely Sarah, an MD turned natural beauty products wizard, Osmia {Read More}