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The Most Effective Natural Deodorants & Dangers of Antiperspirant

Today is all about your underarms and what you’re putting on them to keep them fresh as daisies. I was inspired to write this post for two reasons: 1. The dangers of conventional antiperspirants and 2. Reader requests on “what actually works” So let’s get down to business, what’s wrong with the drug store stuff? I am sure you’ve heard time and time again, avoid run-of-the-mill antiperspirant (think Degree, Lady Speed Stick, Secret, Right Guard, Old Spice, Axe etc. etc. {Read More}

Natural Beauty in the Bag – My “Can’t Live Withouts”

Happy Friday Beauties! Today I felt a kink in my shoulder after carrying around my giant purse all day (#girlproblems). When I finally got home I decided to go through it and figure out what I could live without when I am out and about. In doing this I realized most of the weight was a result of my natural favourites which, one-by-one, magically made their way into my bag that could probably fit a small child. I figured, people {Read More}