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What Kind of Natural Beauty Are You? Take LPN’s Quiz!

Hi Beauties! It’s be a while since we’ve really chatted, and I want to know more about you! Take a few moments complete the natural beauty quiz (it’s only 9 wee little questions) and gives you a little summary of where you are and…a coupon code :-) x K Powered by Interact

Living Pretty, Naturally: The 2013 Man-Fave Edition – Natural Products for Men

As a natural beauty blogger it is next to impossible to live with someone you care about dearly and watch them use chemically-ridden products… and for an outspoken gal like me, I admit it is – Β and was – impossible. Over the past few years I have been slowly (and maybe somewhat sneakily) replacing the bf’s products with natural ones. He’s now 100% natural when it comes to personal care products (with the exception of cologne, which he refuses to {Read More}

The Best {Natural} Face Serums of 2013: LPN’s Picks

AfterΒ last week’s feature on the best facial oils of 2013,Β I promised a follow-up post on best in facial serums. After months of testing, I give you LPN’s definitive guide to the best in natural (and organic) serums for face. These were selected much along the same lines as my facial oils, with a few deviations: Quality and purity of ingredients Quality of processing / extraction Star ingredients Effects on my skin over 3 – 4 weeks of use Sourced from {Read More}