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LPN Featured on Tiny Devotions’ Boho Blog – Check it Out, and their GORGEOUS Mala Beads

My Dear LPN’ers, I’ve been scarce these past few weeks of summer digging into to some new ideas and other life ongoings, but in the mean time I wanted to send you over to Tiny Devotions, makers and creators of some of the most gorgeous mala beads and stack bracelets you can find. For all my fellow yogis, you will fall in love. Check out my interview with the Boho Blog team, and check out their mala collection while you’re {Read More}

Perfect Pre-Yoga Plant-Based Boost? Vega Sugar-Free Energizer Review

My brother and I are really close. While we live thousands of miles apart right now, I would argue he’s one of the closest people to me in my life. He knows me better than almost anyone – siblings usually do. I mean, who else can understand  you (and what a crazy place you’ve come from) more than your little brother? He bore the brunt of my “bossiness” growing up (which I now like to call “Leaning In“, thanks to {Read More}

An Effective Organic Skincare Line I Would Eat: Annmarie Gianni’s Organic Skincare Review

It is not often that I say I would eat an entire skincare line, but if left in a bind I wouldn’t hestiate to eat every last product in Annmarie Gianni’s Skincare line. Ok, so I’d eat it (clearly it is natural), but now you’re asking “does it work?” It is rare that I would recommend nearly EVERY product in a skincare line for its efficacy and ingredient components, but today I bring to you an effective, organic, completely natural and {Read More}

Guest Post: Eco Market Blogger Jo Chats About Beach Worthy Skin, Naturally

In line with my post on bronzing your skin for summer, naturally, Jo from over at Eco Market sent in some fab tips for summer ready skin. In hindsight, I would recommend following her tips prior to using the products listed in my natural sunless tanning post to achieve an even glow. She has linked in this post products sold on Eco Market, a cool “Etsy-like” concept (an online marketplace) where you can buy natural products directly from the sellers that make {Read More}