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The Budget Beauty’s Clarisonic – Sephora & Shiseido Face Cleansing Brush Review

If you’re a beauty products buff, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Clarisonic – the electric facial cleansing brush. Everyone I know that owns one raves about it, some even claim it to be life saving. While I can’t say that this brush will save your life, I can say it will change your life. How it works: cleansing brushes work to remove impurities, daily grime, make up and most importantly slough off dead skin cells. You’ll find after a {Read More}

Best Natural Sun Protection for Lips – Burt’s Bees vs. Fresh Sugar vs. Badger Reviews

Happy Monday Beauties! I’ve been off the map for a few weeks, but now I’m back. Well, not technically “back”, I’m at home in Canada after spending some time in the city of sin, Las Vegas.  Going from 15 degrees in the Nordic region to 40 degrees Celsius was no joke – and so I packed accordingly… in terms of lip protection anyways. Protecting your lips should be an important part of your beauty routine. Why? Because it helps with {Read More}

Luxury Dry Oil for Body – Sanoflore Huile Des Delices Review

There’s one thing that has always bothered me a little with regard to organic make up and natural products – they often brand themselves like hippies. Green here and there and unattractive brown packaging. While green is good and recycled paper for packaging is great too, there needs to be a little room for luxury. Sometimes you just want to feel a little fancy, right? Why can’t you be fancy AND natural? Well, leave it to the French to say {Read More}

Natural Treatment for Dry Hair – Melvita Capiforce Hair Mask Review

I usually don’t recommend products after a first try, after all, first dates can be deceiving. But this one stole my heart at first use and there was nothing I could do about it. I guess you could say I fell in love in 15 minutes. You’re probably sick and tired of me talking about long hair, but to all my fellow long-haired natural beauties, I can promise you will appreciate this find. Today’s post is on Melvita’s Capiforce Hair {Read More}

Beauty Benefits of Ginger – Detox Ginger Tea Recipe

Good Morning, Gorgeous! It’s morning and I just finished drinking some ginger tea, so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the wonderful beauty properties ginger possesses. Why is Ginger Beneficial for Beauty? I always talk about beauty coming from the inside out – literally – and that is one of the reasons why ginger is such a critical element to add to your beauty regimen. Ginger is one of the best digestive aids that money can {Read More}

Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream: Pai’s Echium Anti-Aging Organic Eye Cream Review

This week has been slightly hectic, complete with tight deadlines and lack of sleep. It is during these times that a good eye cream is worth its weight in gold… and it is also the time when your eye cream shows its true capabilities. Pai’s Anti-Aging eye cream does lovely little wonders to the lovely little lines around my eyes.The magic trick it plays? Shrinking them! I smile a lot, so I guess it is normal that I would have {Read More}