Ananda Soul Creations: Beautiful Yoga-Inspired Jewellery for the Boho Babe + GIVEAWAY!

Beauties! I am over the moon that I am able to share with you this inspirational brand of jewellery, Ananda Soul Creations. Based in Bali, the designer and founder Christina sits down with LPN to give us some details on her beautiful brand, and her lovely self. But beyond that, she has generously partnered with LPN for a fabulous GIVEAWAY. Continue reading to get the details on how you can be the lovely sporting the love-blessed earrings below <3

Why is LPN blogging on jewellery might you ask? Well, this ethical, yoga inspired jewellery is a perfect addition to any green beauty’s desire for “healthy”, beautiful jewellery.  So much of the jewellery we find in the shops today are laden with toxic metals and chemicals (lead, nickel and toxic paints to name a few) and sourced unethically. Since we wear jewellery against our skin all day, it is important to be wearing pure metals (like silver and gold) as well as real stones, not dyed plastic “gems”.

Further to that, I have a love of gemstones. I am fascinated by the properties of these stones and absolutely love wearing them as part of my “natural beauty routine”.  While I learn more about them, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of their mystic (and darn beautiful) traits with you!

What’s LPN Loving from Ananda Soul Creations?

Aside from everything? I have been sporting this beautiful necklace, pictured below, over the past few weeks. The Love of My Soul necklace is 22 kt gold with amythyst and is pure love. It retails for $168 and you can pick it up here. It also comes in silver, for those that prefer. x

This soul creation helps one “connect with the essence of your soul’s purpose with this powerful amethyst druzy pendant. This stunning stone is held by sacred ornaments, expressing the infinite blessings we receive every day. They are a reminder of what an honor it is to receive the gift of life  – and a symbol of pure celebration of life force. Look around you today and become aware of the beauty in your life. Look at yourself in the mirror and see what a beautiful body you’ve been given filled with magical life force.”

Amethyst is a very powerful stone, know to calm and bring clarity to the mind, to relieve stress, sooth sadness, anxiety and to balance mood swings. This beautiful purple stone balances the hormones, strengthens the immune system and has a stimulating effect on the metabolism. Amethyst eases insomnia, promoting peaceful sleep.

I could go on and on about how much I love the entire new Prana Collection, but I thought it might be better to hear about the creations from Christina, the soulful founder and designer.

An Interview with Founder Christina Zipperlen – Founder of Ananda Soul Creations

What paths crossed in your life’s journey that brought you to creating Ananda Soul Creations?
Love this questions because this is really what it felt like – everything I had done in my life up until that point all came together in perfect alignment. I felt that my passion for art, drawing and sculpting had found its meaning. That my studies in visual communications had found their purpose. That my interest in crystals and healing started making sense. And that my urge for philosophical studies & yoga had found its perfect outlet.

Tell me a little bit about Ananda Soul Creations’ support of the Safe Childhoods Foundation – why is their mission close to your heart?

Early on in the creation of Ananda Soul Creations, a friend and I sat in a hotel here in Bali with an older man and a very young Indonesian woman. I had no idea of the issue present in Indonesia regarding child trafficking and child sex tourism. From that moment it was clear to me that my mission was to empower underprivileged women to be given back their freedom – and even further to be empowered to live their highest purpose. It is an honour to be supporting Safe Childhoods Foundation and to be working with the moms in the slum school project, empowering them to take care of their families by giving them training, work and education to their children. I believe that giving children back their childhoods and empowering women is where true difference can be made.

How does Ananda keep things ethical when it comes to precious metals, gemstones and local employees? 

Ananda is all about empowering people to reach for their dreams and their highest potential. This is reflected in every aspect of the business. In addition to receiving fair wages and working hours, all our employees are given growth opportunities, training, and the chance to express their abilities in the most fulfilling ways possible. We use recycled silver wherever possible and our gemstones are blessed by a local priest. The topic of gemstones is a challenging one and I have considered many times to change my designs to other materials – realizing that this wouldn’t make a difference in the fact that stones are still mined. So I’ve decided to instead spread awareness about the issue of gemstone mining. We have our gemstones cut in Jaipur, India under fair working conditions. The gemstones are sourced from mines from all over the world. As much as it is my highest intention to guarantee ethical mining, at this point I am still challenged to track down each stone all the way to its source. It is my dream to one day be able to grow to the business to the size where I can travel to the mines making sure that each person is honored in the highest way possible from the moment the stones comes out of the earth. At this point I am doing my best effort to trace back the steps as far as I can and pick it up from there with full integrity. It is a work in progress to make a difference in the world and to inspire ALL businesses to honor each individual and mother earth.

Where do you take inspiration from when you create your beautiful jewellery? 

My highest intention is to create beauty. And with beauty I mean presence, smiles, beautiful connections, hearts that are celebrating as well as physical beauty in form of designs. My inspiration comes from my strong spiritual practice to see the divine (or light or the force that makes the sun go up every morning..I’m not attached to a name) in everything that surrounds me. My inspirations come in moments when I feel connected to that source energy. That can be in meditation. In my yoga practice. In a moment when I see a friend and my heart overflows with love, creating something for her. In nature. In amazing  heart connections with strangers. When I sit with the moms in the slum school, wanting to create more work for them. I also feel very inspired when I dance, which has become a significant practice in my life.

And the form that this intention has made itself visible is in the path of empowering other women, to make them feel beautiful and special and to embed that wish in the jewelry I create. Each of my Ananda Soul Creations has that prayer in it – that each person being touched by my work may be happy and reach for her dreams.

 What are your top 3 favourite gemstones, and why? 

Amethyst – it helps in meditation and reliefs stress (I’m Vatta and can be quite airy and hectic sometimes…so wearing a stone that calms my mind is certainly helpful. Plus I was born in Germany where people like the think a lot – so I find Amethyst helps me to calm the thoughts and direct them in a positive, constructive way)

Peridot – It is a heart opener helping to release old, negative patterns and inviting love, joy and growth into your life. Connecting with many people throughout my day I wish to make it my highest priority to meet them with an open heart – Peridot helps me with this intention. Peridot is know to be a ‘visionary stone’ and aids us with connecting with our purpose of existence, helping us visualize our highest potential. It is known for its cleansing and purifying qualities, neutralizing toxins in the body ad protecting the aura. So pretty obvious why I’d be so in love with it no? ;)

Aquamarine – this stone is known to bring calmness and peace, facilitating meditation. It strengthens self-expression and sensitivity. It also is powerful for sensitive people and those who feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. I find wearing Aquamarine helps me speak my truth in a caring way while staying connected to my intuition.

What’s your favourite way to spend your spare moments?
Dancing, doing yoga (especially restorative yoga these days), laying at the pool with friends, going to the beach, spending time with my community & dear friends, and hanging out with my friend Cat, the founder of Nowism, who’s so filled up with wisdom it blows my mind. Nowism has really influenced my way of how I see the world and approach life and I’m super grateful for that.

What music is inspiring you and your work that is on your playlist right now?
I’m in love with Shimshai, Krishna Das, Xavier Rudd, Wildlight, Ziggy Marley, Medicine for the People

How do you “live pretty, naturally”? Specifically how do you nourish your body, mind & spirit?

I’m all about keeping things natural and healthy. I eat loads of superfoods, green juices and salads, a diet pretty easy to maintain here in Bali. As I mentioned I have a strong Yoga, meditation and prayer practice with a Vinyasa practice in the morning and restorative practice in the evening. I’m also very committed to cleansing practices such as oil pulling and dry skin brushing.

I’m a little natural skin product addict, a challenging addiction to maintain in Bali where we don’t have much access to such products. I’m in love with Weleda and Primavera products, always stocking up when I go visit my family. Apart from that I keep it natural and clean, lots of baths with Seasalts, essential oils and coconut oil.

What piece of your collection are you wearing now?

Right now wearing and so in love with the ‘Guided by Angels’ earrings, ‘Embrace your power’ necklace, Om Tat Sat ring with Amethyst and Embracing Life ring.

The Giveaway!

If you haven’t fallen in love with Ananda Soul Creations yet, you will now. Christina at Ananda Soul Creations have generously partnered with LPN to give away these STUNNING 22kt Gold Vermeil lotus earrings with Citrine beads and Blue Topaz drops. 

The Harmony Earrings retail for $98 – so if you can’t wait until the contest closes, you can find them here. Each purchase goes towards helping out with Ananda Soul Creations’ charity of choice: The Safe Childhoods Foundation

The rules: Share to enter!

  1. Post this photo on Instagram and/or Twitter to win.
  2. Use the hashtag #anandagiveaway and be sure to tag both LPN & Ananda in your posts!
  3. Simple! Contest closes Sunday, March 31st, 2014.

A little about this soul creation:

The lotus is a powerful ancient symbol of harmony, unlimited potential and enlightenment. This gorgeous flower emerges from the sludgy, muddy waters into a pure and beautiful flower. In the same form human errors and challenges are the soil to produce growth, brilliance and awakening. The lotus is a beautiful reminder that ‘this too shall pass’, reminding us that sometimes the most amazing opportunities arise from the most painful experiences.

Citrine increases self-confidence and stimulates vitality, optimism, creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. Blue Topaz balances the 5th Chakra, increasing communication skills, truth, wisdom and forgiveness, helping you to stay true to yourself.

Where to Shop:

Ananda Soul Creations, while based in beautiful Bali, have shops all around the world. Check out their stock lists here. Of course you can always order online as well!

Good luck beautiful beings <3