Natural Shampoo: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo for Dry Hair Review

I have really long hair. I’m not talking below the shoulders; more often than not my hair is almost hitting my bellybutton, so for me, shampoo is a big HUGE deal. I have always had a difficult time keeping the entire length of it shiny and soft (naturally) until I found this glorious product. Aubrey Organic’s Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo for Dry Hair is brilliant.

It contains sweet macadamia nut and rose oil, so it smells lovely and the pretty honeysuckle adds a nice floral scent – but not headache-creating smell you find inside a bottle of chemically-ridden Herbal Essences. Your hair feels silky and healthy after the first wash, and then beyond. I’m a big fan.

How Much?

You can find Aubrey almost anywhere in the world at your local health food store, and in North America it retails for about $13 for a bottle.

If you’re not in need of dry hair repair, fear not, Aubrey has a plethora of other products for your  hair’s needs and scent desires. Check out their hair page for a complete list of products.

Where to Buy:

Whole Foods, Choices, Health Food Stores

Aubrey Online


Shine on, gorgeous.