Burt’s Bees Natural Tinted Lip Balm Review

I’m obsessed with having something on my lips. As soon as the lip gloss, lip stick, chap stick, coconut oil – whatever – has worn off, I immediately beeline for the cosmetics cabinet or rifle through my purse.

I’m not a fan of dark colours, so using lipstick has never been much of an issue for me. However, I am addicted to glosses. For those of you that do wear lipstick keep heed warning: lead is an ingredient in many lipsticks (and as a rule, the redder, the higher the lead content). Also, petrochemicals, known to be harmful to human health, are often main key ingredients in lip products. The funny ingredient oxychloride is carcinogenic and formaldehyde, is a neurotoxin. Be sure the check your labels before purchasing!

Burt’s Bees Natural Tinted Lip Balm

I have found a natural alternative to these products – and I just so happen to love it. Burt’s Bees Natural Tinted Lip Balm is creamy and comes in loads of pretty colours. My favourites are the lighter shades: Honeysuckle  & Tiger Lilly. My next purchase will be Pink Blossom. For those of you who like darker pigments, Burt’s Bees has got you covered there too.

If it is a natural darker lipstick you’re after, you’ll have to wait for a future post. I’ll be heading to one of the many health food stores here up North to find it for you.

In the mean time, give Burt’s Bees Natural Tinted Lip Balm a try – at approximately $8 CAD a pop, you can afford to get a little creative with your testing.

Where to Buy:

Health food stores

Whole Foods

Planet Organic