Natural Cleanser for Oily Skin: VAL’S Veggie Bar Review

Gone are the days of my oily skin, but when I did have it, I used this facial bar religiously to keep my skin clear. It leaves no residue, no makeup, nothing. It is so pure, you could probably eat it (although it will likely still taste like soap). The ingredients? Simple: Saponified olive oil, water, sodium chloride (sea salt), natural fragrance (all except unscented).

They retail for about $6 for a package of 3 bars – so you can have one at your place, your gym bag and wherever else you need a quick face scrub.

Val’s is extremely gentle, so for those of you with sensitive skin, this bar is for you! And the best part? No animal testing (which can be said for most of the products I blog about) and no animal products :)

I’m looking forward to greasy summer days so I can grab another pack… weird?


Where to Buy:

Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Capers etc.


Oil begone! Skin be-autiful!